Feb. 9th, 2011

Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook.

Give me a story of mine and an alternate set of characters: protagonists, antagonists, or bit-players. I'll give you at least a hundred words of a scene that could have turned out differently.

For clarity - the meme seems to mean 100 actual words of fic, but that isn't likely to happen from me at the moment. I will, however, make my best effort to describe for you in 100 words or more how the situation would play out with your alternate characters.

My fics are all linked in my master fic list in a stickypost on my journal, which I'm too absurdly lazy to link at the moment (I'm trying to watch DS9 and knit a cabled sweater at the same time as posting. Don't even ask, because IDEK. *shakes head*)
...who both tend to link YouTube videos and other fascinating things on their journals at intervals, I'm reccing y'all two Star Trek blooper reels of awesome, both of which I've watched numerous times before I finally got around to sharing them with my friends.

The first one is from Deep Space Nine and Voyager - mostly Voyager -

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and the other features the original Starfleet Seven, in a blooper reel from The Voyage Home aka The One With The Whales. (Dang, I forgot how much I miss these guys! Especially De Kelley. Of course.) It is HILARIOUS, especially since Leonard Nimoy is directing as well as acting - so he cracks up on camera quite a bit.

Also the ending is brilliant.

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