Apr. 3rd, 2011

...I don't know if this is a good idea at all, but I have realized that at least 75% of all the fics I've ever planned to write have no existence on paper, and most of the others are in some state of outline-iness or snippetude. This is all for one reason: I'm a perfectionist who would rather not start than fail to produce awesomeness (and, okay, be complimented thereon. *wry grin*)

That is a Bad Reason to not write and/or not publish fics. Therefore I make a very late New Year's resolution: I am going to go through my list of fic ideas and try to write the ones I still want to see written, and then I am going to publish them. And (while I will be sensible and have them betaed for "is this any good?") I am not going to worry about having them as brilliant as they want to be in my head. If an idea is worth writing, A Story using it is at least somewhat better than No Story, y/n?

(And I am also not going to worry about whether anybody is going to be interested in reading them. I tend to shoot down far too many of my own ideas with "well, I never saw it done before, so obvsly nobody likes it" - which results in the writing of Bad Cliché!fic and nothing else. *g*)

Wish me luck! ;-)



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