Apr. 6th, 2011

1: If any of my friends on here (that I'm not already friended to on Dwth) have Dreamwidth accounts, could you please let me know? Especially if your username isn't the same. (I'm curuchamion over there too. Sometimes, it's nice having a made-up name.)

1b: Can anyone tell me where are some active Dreamwidth comms in any of my fandoms? It doesn't seem a very active, discussion-y community place, if I'm making any sense. Is that just because comms don't import and crosspost in the same way, so they have to be on one or the other platform?

2: I suppose I'm going to import my journal to Dwth and start crossposting from there, for redundancy's sake. Here's hoping it goes better than last time. I just wish I didn't have to check two flists! (I refuse to use the "circle/reading list" terminology; y'all are on here because you're my friends. *g*)

3: I've got a Dreamwidth invite code if anyone wants one - first come, first served. ETA: snaffled!
So, sometime last year, I requested a prompt table on Dreamwidth's mundane_bingo comm. Some time a long time later, the mod got back to me. And now, I am finally putting it up/linking it to my stickypost. (I've forgotten how to date posts out of order, if I ever knew... sorry...)

behave, you creechah! )

...yeah. Some of these are completely out of left field. Oh well, I wanted a challenge.

(Thank goodness they don't all have to be the same fandom and there's no deadline! *g*)
Well! Imported all my posts, found some new comms (though it appears most comms over here are ridiculously quiet), and finally got my tags sorted out. Next projects: reshuffle my icons (on both sites), and get my DS9 mood theme uploaded over here! ;D A little blue square with a happyface is no subsitute for Odo in a tuxedo.

(And then I'll need to start learning some more specialty HTML. Argh.)



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