Apr. 9th, 2011

Another one from the long-stalled-WIP folder... yes, I have an irrational love for the sort of story where two characters played by the same actor meet each other. Blame my first (pair of) fandom(s), MacGyver/Stargate. ;-)

Title: Someone Came Knocking [okay, I've pretty much given up on finding perfect titles. Random lines of poetry, that's for me.]
Summary: In which Q shows up at the Bartok Research Laboratories. Fix-it for "Revenge of the Herd" and "Fall of a Legend".
Notes: 677 words. Gen, rated G.

I didn't write that! It has a split infinitive! )
curuchamion: First Doctor inside a Dalek, from The Space Museum (One in a Dalek)
So! *insert long explanation involving [personal profile] clocketpatch's [community profile] help_haiti donation and [community profile] fandom_stocking here*

Short version? Last January I sat down at a computer and determined I would not get up again till I'd written the Doctor Who/X-Men crossover or "mashup" that ClocketPatch had requested from me (and made a donation for) the previous January. This is what happened.

Title: United Nations Mutant Taskforce
Summary: In which the Brigadier founds the X-Men. Basically.
Notes: ~300 words. Gen, rated G. There ought to be more of this, but I make no promises.

Underneath )
(I have completely given up on having my titles make sense.)

Um, this one... started as a Five Things To Do Instead Of Fixing The TARDIS. (Three found one of Jamie's half-finished socks in the wardrobe room and decided to learn how to knit. Yes, of course Jamie knit his own socks - not least because Frazier Hines has fantastic hands. Shusht. *g*) Then stuff happened.


Title: Madame Nostradamus, I Presume
Summary: This is a Third Doctor "how the Scarf got into the wardrobe room" story. Sort of.
Notes: 363 words. Gen, rated G. Season 10-11 hiatus of Classic Who.

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Okay... if y'all didn't already know (as you may well not - I've been making quite a few new friends), this weekend is LJ's fic_rush, a 48-hour fanfic writing marathon held once a month. Obviously nobody stays for the whole 48 hours (!!) - we just all drop in and out as we please, chatter with our fellow writers in the hourly posts at fic_rush_48, and write whatever we want. (It doesn't even have to be fiction: I spent a good many 'rushes working on college application essays last summer.)

Anyway! You are all cordially invited to come over and write with us, if you can get in past the Russian Mafia's dastardly attempts to shut us down. C'mon, it's a lot of fun.

And - the point of this post - we have a long-standing tradition of crackfic in the later hours of the 'rush. This is the first time I've contributed, and I'm quite proud of myself. ;-)

Title: Kicking AUs, Taking Names
Summary: In which the motorcycle space pirates take on the Russian Mafia.
Notes: 654 words. Gen, rated G. Massive multi-fandom canon!AU crossover; I'll be happy to explain stuff in comments if anybody wants.

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