Apr. 28th, 2011

So apparently this year Remix_Redux have taken a page from Yuletide's book and are running a Remix Madness challenge. It's a weekend thing, through Monday evening, whence the "madness" part of it.

There are no qualification requirements, no nothing - if you want your stuff (possibly) remixed, you just comment to the linked post with your name, fic-list link, and any safe stories or former remixes. If you want to remix, you have to sign up to be remixed as well, and of course (I'm guessing) standard Remix rules about "don't break up pairings" and such still apply. But there's no minimum length for a remix! :D

I've signed up, of course. Anything on my AO3 except "Last Man Standing" and "Fine Print (The Connections Remix)" is fair game. But there aren't a lot of my friends signed up to be remixed... want to change that? *please* ;-)
So... um, a while ago (last August, good grief), LJ's DW_straybunnies comm ran a "fem!Doctor regenerates into a male" challenge. Me being me, I wrote a non-serious response based entirely on the fem!Doctor costume designs I'd been working on for a while (since I can't draw and have no time to sew), plus a few I had to dream up for the occasion.

I really, really wish I could draw. ;-)

Title: Clothes Make the Man
Summary: The Doctor has always been female. UNTIL NOW.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 511 words. Eleventh Doctor.

What do male humans wear, anyway? )



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