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Incidentally, LiveJournal's PicoWriMo is kicking off a "mini" July round in two days.

Pico, if you didn't know, is a "write stuff in a month" comm. It usually runs in November. It is unlike NaNo in that you set your own goal - 500 words, 50 words, "a sentence a day", "SOMETHING"... whatever. Write more than you would have otherwise: You Win. XD

The reason I love it particularly is that, in the daily check-in posts, people post snippets. (There are many orig!ficcers, and many small-fandom ficcers, and sometimes people get confused as to which is which. *g*) And then they go and comment on each other's snippets and converse and... generally be a rather adorable little community of polite awesome.

So, as with many things I love, I babble. ;-) I'd love to have all my writerly friends show up to July!Pico and wriiiiite. (Although I must confess a certain amount of trepidation at A Certain Person's odd habit of beginning to co-mod things I introduce her to, and a hope that there will not be penguins... *shyness*)

I'm hoping to work mainly on polishing and rewriting my MaNo novel, as well as finishing off the other stuff I have in progress (such as the SG-1!Friendathon story that received a sudden and unexpected Piece Of Research the other day in the form of my first motorcycle ride... *happyface*)

(Personal goal: stop meandering. I got in the habit during MaNo, and should now get out again.)



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