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In about an hour and a half - at midnight GMT (aka 5pm Pacific Daylight Time or 8pm Eastern Daylight Time) - the seventeenth monthly round of Fic_Rush will begin!

Fic_rush is a 48-hour writing marathon. (Obviously, no one's there the whole time!) You can work on anything you want, WIP or not, fanfic or not. We all drop in and out as we please, chatter in the hourly posts on fic_rush_48 - about our writing, lack of writing, ninja penguins, or whatnot - cheer each other on, commiserate, and write lots of fic!

(Honest. Despite DDoS attacks and the usual 'rush shenanigans, I finished and published five stories on April 9th and 10th thanks to Fic_rush. It is An Invaluable Resource.)

Some of my friends from ds9_rewatch may remember my mentioning a writing comm with motorcycle space pirates a while ago in chat? THIS IS THAT COMM, and it is truly epic. I encourage everyone reading this to at least drop in to fic_rush_48 and browse the back chatter posts a bit before you say no! :-)


May. 1st, 2011 01:04 pm
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* Re: DS9_rewatch - I love that I have just asked someone, quite sincerely, "In what way is the emu demeaning? I'm curious." OH TREK. (FTR, it's demeaning because all Odo gets to do this week is spoiler cut ) But he's so darn cute doing it that I personally will save my ranting-at-writers for Next Week aka "The Forsaken".)

Also, EMUS. Seriously, rewatch chat is awesomeness of awesomeful. :D

* William Campbell just died. Trekkies on my flist probably know him as Captain Koloth (one of the first three Klingon captains from TOS, who also made guest appearances on DS9 and, I think, TNG; he appeared in "The Trouble with Tribbles") and Trelane (from "Squire of Gothos", a proto-Q character).

* Re: MaNoWriMo - my wordcount right now is 3453 words. In something like nineteen hours. (I started on Greenwich time, but it's fair because I will also finish on Greenwich time. If I finish.) The thing that scares me the most right now about this whole insane plan? I did the math for May being a 31-day month, and it knocks 54 words off every day's goal.

In other words, I have committed to write 54x30 words on the same story every day of this month. I AM TRULY INSANE. But optimistic! Sort of. ;-)
So... um, a while ago (last August, good grief), LJ's DW_straybunnies comm ran a "fem!Doctor regenerates into a male" challenge. Me being me, I wrote a non-serious response based entirely on the fem!Doctor costume designs I'd been working on for a while (since I can't draw and have no time to sew), plus a few I had to dream up for the occasion.

I really, really wish I could draw. ;-)

Title: Clothes Make the Man
Summary: The Doctor has always been female. UNTIL NOW.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 511 words. Eleventh Doctor.

What do male humans wear, anyway? )
So apparently this year Remix_Redux have taken a page from Yuletide's book and are running a Remix Madness challenge. It's a weekend thing, through Monday evening, whence the "madness" part of it.

There are no qualification requirements, no nothing - if you want your stuff (possibly) remixed, you just comment to the linked post with your name, fic-list link, and any safe stories or former remixes. If you want to remix, you have to sign up to be remixed as well, and of course (I'm guessing) standard Remix rules about "don't break up pairings" and such still apply. But there's no minimum length for a remix! :D

I've signed up, of course. Anything on my AO3 except "Last Man Standing" and "Fine Print (The Connections Remix)" is fair game. But there aren't a lot of my friends signed up to be remixed... want to change that? *please* ;-)
So there is on Dreamwidth, as part of the "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth" event (a yearly thing wherein people post awesome stuff and keep it exclusive to Dwth for three weeks, intended to boost activity on the site), a Friendship Fic Comment!fic Fest.

Being, as I am, a gen girl whose favorite thing in the world is friendship fic, I am scattering prompts all over this fest and encouraging all my friends to do the same. And also fill them, lol. (You don't even need a Dwth account - you can comment with your LJ OpenID - although if you post a fill, you'll have to not xpost to your LJ for three weeks.) I shall also be trying to scatter fills if I can, so go over and put up some prompts in our shared fandoms so I have something to work with! ;-)

I've already put up an Odo-Quark prompt and am just working on a Jack-Teal'c one...
I've been meaning to do this for a while, and this seems like a good time to do it - all the stories I was Going To Publish First are published, and my next project appears to be a 50,000-word original novel (yup, still crazy), so that won't be appearing for a while.

Pick any story I've written under 1000 words, or a passage from one of the longer ones, and I will give you a DVD commentary on it: inspirations, missing scenes, comical observations, what's happening outside the scene, how the characters were to work with, all that kind of stuff. Sadly I cannot mock the special effects like a real commentary, I don't think.

Almost all my fics are currently here at AO3. A few of the more embarrassing ones are only on FFnet or under my fic tag; they're all up for commentarying.

Oh, and if you've just joined my flist - don't be shy! I love chatting with new people. :D


Apr. 19th, 2011 10:09 pm
Lis Sladen is dead. :O

I can't even. She was only sixty-three. SARAH JANE.

(and now I'm trying to quote Three - you know the line - and I can't because SARAH JANE, DANGIT. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. *sniffles*)

(Who the hell is next?!?)
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So! I've been doing Quite A Lot of writing lately. For the most part, I'm happy with my progress.

However, I got sick a few days ago and wasn't able to do much except (very slowly) work through my three-inch-thick folder of Past Scribbles To Type Up... most of which were written when I was a much worse writer, or in a much worse funk, than I am now. I'm sick and tired of typing up my old ideas, most of which I remember fairly well anyway.

Therefore - no, I am NOT going to offer to write prompts! Certainly not. By no means at all. Anyone who's ever given me a prompt knows why. ;P

What I am going to do is ask y'all: what's your favorite way to get started on writing something new and random, besides asking your flist for prompts? Is there a website, a prompt generator (please not the Doctor Who random pairing generator, it always makes me feel like the not-really-expert poseur!geek I am *g*), a technique you like to use for formulating ideas?

(What I really want to write is orig!fic. Except most of the orig!fic 'verses I want to write in look, at this distance, remarkably like fandoms I haven't gotten into yet. I hate that. And I can't even make calculus jokes about it because I haven't had calculus yet.)

Failing all that - anyone up for a mini!fic_rush in the comments here? I have (pretend) glowsticks...
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From Dwth's [community profile] fannish5 comm, one of those random memeish question-posty things:

Name your 5 favorite fictional marriages.

On finding that very few people get married in my fandoms, I change it to marriages and couples who ought to have got married (or, in one case, arguably are married by some definition)... and I'm still astonished that I could come up with five. ;-)

This is, as usual, a cut )

And that's five, and I'm going to bed. Wow. Shouldn't have stayed up this late. But I've been meaning to babble about some of this for a while.

ETA: and apparently I totally forgot Han/Leia and Sarek/Amanda. *headslap* And now I am going to bed.
Okay, this is an odd bit of MFU dark!fic I wrote a while back. It's sort of a "Schrodinger's ficlet", in that I could waffle back and forth forever on whether it's any good... I hate those, because the only way to collapse the function is to post. o_O

Title: Useful [I am so imaginative, yeah? lol]
Summary: Illya is a supremely useful partner.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 200 words. Warning for dark!Napoleon.

Here goes, then )
Okay... if y'all didn't already know (as you may well not - I've been making quite a few new friends), this weekend is LJ's fic_rush, a 48-hour fanfic writing marathon held once a month. Obviously nobody stays for the whole 48 hours (!!) - we just all drop in and out as we please, chatter with our fellow writers in the hourly posts at fic_rush_48, and write whatever we want. (It doesn't even have to be fiction: I spent a good many 'rushes working on college application essays last summer.)

Anyway! You are all cordially invited to come over and write with us, if you can get in past the Russian Mafia's dastardly attempts to shut us down. C'mon, it's a lot of fun.

And - the point of this post - we have a long-standing tradition of crackfic in the later hours of the 'rush. This is the first time I've contributed, and I'm quite proud of myself. ;-)

Title: Kicking AUs, Taking Names
Summary: In which the motorcycle space pirates take on the Russian Mafia.
Notes: 654 words. Gen, rated G. Massive multi-fandom canon!AU crossover; I'll be happy to explain stuff in comments if anybody wants.

Mafia and motorcycles under the cut! )
(I have completely given up on having my titles make sense.)

Um, this one... started as a Five Things To Do Instead Of Fixing The TARDIS. (Three found one of Jamie's half-finished socks in the wardrobe room and decided to learn how to knit. Yes, of course Jamie knit his own socks - not least because Frazier Hines has fantastic hands. Shusht. *g*) Then stuff happened.


Title: Madame Nostradamus, I Presume
Summary: This is a Third Doctor "how the Scarf got into the wardrobe room" story. Sort of.
Notes: 363 words. Gen, rated G. Season 10-11 hiatus of Classic Who.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! )
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So! *insert long explanation involving [personal profile] clocketpatch's [community profile] help_haiti donation and [community profile] fandom_stocking here*

Short version? Last January I sat down at a computer and determined I would not get up again till I'd written the Doctor Who/X-Men crossover or "mashup" that ClocketPatch had requested from me (and made a donation for) the previous January. This is what happened.

Title: United Nations Mutant Taskforce
Summary: In which the Brigadier founds the X-Men. Basically.
Notes: ~300 words. Gen, rated G. There ought to be more of this, but I make no promises.

Underneath )
Another one from the long-stalled-WIP folder... yes, I have an irrational love for the sort of story where two characters played by the same actor meet each other. Blame my first (pair of) fandom(s), MacGyver/Stargate. ;-)

Title: Someone Came Knocking [okay, I've pretty much given up on finding perfect titles. Random lines of poetry, that's for me.]
Summary: In which Q shows up at the Bartok Research Laboratories. Fix-it for "Revenge of the Herd" and "Fall of a Legend".
Notes: 677 words. Gen, rated G.

I didn't write that! It has a split infinitive! )
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Some months ago, I did one of those memes where you ask people for writing prompts. (Yes, I know... someday I shall either learn not to do that or start actually writing things in a timely manner.) Anyway, [personal profile] eponymous_rose asked me for Legend fic using the prompt "mundane".

This is what happened. At least, it's one of the things that happened. erose (sorry - I'm learning continuously compounded interest in math class *g*) has already seen it, but I figured I might as well put it up publicly.

Title: Mundane
Summary: "Janos, do you ever wonder what normal people do on a Saturday night?"
Notes: 200-ish words. Gen, rated G.

Right now, it's delightfully useless )


Apr. 7th, 2011 11:25 am
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Oh, gosh. Another tsunami heading for Japan? o_O

This is becoming ridiculous. Is it just my short memory (and notorious ignorance of the news), or have there actually been more big natural disasters recently than there used to be?
Well! Imported all my posts, found some new comms (though it appears most comms over here are ridiculously quiet), and finally got my tags sorted out. Next projects: reshuffle my icons (on both sites), and get my DS9 mood theme uploaded over here! ;D A little blue square with a happyface is no subsitute for Odo in a tuxedo.

(And then I'll need to start learning some more specialty HTML. Argh.)
So, sometime last year, I requested a prompt table on Dreamwidth's mundane_bingo comm. Some time a long time later, the mod got back to me. And now, I am finally putting it up/linking it to my stickypost. (I've forgotten how to date posts out of order, if I ever knew... sorry...)

behave, you creechah! )

...yeah. Some of these are completely out of left field. Oh well, I wanted a challenge.

(Thank goodness they don't all have to be the same fandom and there's no deadline! *g*)
1: If any of my friends on here (that I'm not already friended to on Dwth) have Dreamwidth accounts, could you please let me know? Especially if your username isn't the same. (I'm curuchamion over there too. Sometimes, it's nice having a made-up name.)

1b: Can anyone tell me where are some active Dreamwidth comms in any of my fandoms? It doesn't seem a very active, discussion-y community place, if I'm making any sense. Is that just because comms don't import and crosspost in the same way, so they have to be on one or the other platform?

2: I suppose I'm going to import my journal to Dwth and start crossposting from there, for redundancy's sake. Here's hoping it goes better than last time. I just wish I didn't have to check two flists! (I refuse to use the "circle/reading list" terminology; y'all are on here because you're my friends. *g*)

3: I've got a Dreamwidth invite code if anyone wants one - first come, first served. ETA: snaffled!
Yoinked from [ profile] bookblather for no reason at all.




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