Response for [ profile] dw100 drabble challenge #6 "hate". Once again, it's way over 100 words.

I have no idea where this idea came from... it just appeared and insisted on being written down. I haven't yet figured out quite what this whole muse thing is about, but I suspect you can blame mine for this piece of crackfluff. (Yes, I made up a word.)

Title: The Nightmare Affair
Summary: What is Illya's worst nightmare?
Notes: Gen, 675 words. Cracked-out episode-fixit fluff.

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I've finally come up with a response to [ profile] dw100 drabble challenge #5, "love"... sort of. Who'd'a thunk "love" and #6 "hate" would be so hard to write on?

The original inspiration for this piece was [ profile] georgiesmith 's remark, in her [ profile] network_command review of The Quadripartite Affair, wondering what happened after the famous proto!IllyaTherapy scene - how did Napoleon calm scared!Illya down and get him back to HQ?

This take on that question is probably not what Georgie was envisioning. What can I say, I have a weird mind. ;-)

(And I apologize profusely for the punch line.)

Title: Artistic Verisimilitude
Summary: The things we do for our friends...
Notes: Gen, 100 words. "Quadripartite Affair" missing scene.

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... I appear to have written tagfic for one of the Man from UNCLE official novels? Something like that, anyway.

[ profile] dw100 challenge #10 is "jokes". I believe I have [ profile] cleothemuse to blame for this loose interpretation of the prompt - she was the one who wrote a set of Stargate fics where the team were making limericks in the infirmary, right?

Title: Convalescence
Summary: A peek inside UNCLE's medical section...
Notes: Gen, 100 words. Dialogue drabble - I seem quite fond of those.

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Okay, I've more or less given up on trying to do these challenges strictly in order. I have an idea for challenge #6 "hate" (and a comic half-drabble, that I'm a bit too embarrassed to post, for #5 "love"), but the Letter to Santa meme that is going around has inspired me to write this piece. I'm calling it a response for challenge word #7, "confessions".

(Oh, and I should probably credit Pat Foley's "Red Retriever Affair" on File 40, specifically Illya's hilarious college application letter therein, for inspiration.)

Title: Dear St Nicholas
Summary: Illya writes a letter to Santa.
Notes: Triple drabble, gen. Comedy.

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Okay... this one is basically pointless. Challenge word #4 was "crossover"; what I actually wound up doing is more of a Doctor Who/NCIS/Mary Sue MacGuffin, frankly. (Or in English: "Ow, I can't write with this headache, I just want to be the filling in a Three-and-Ducky sandwich right now.")

Being me, it's extremely G-rated. Just a nice little piece of unabashed cuddlefluff - which is actually a first for me, I normally get quite flustered writing cuddlefluff. Maybe [ profile] primsong 's finally rubbing off on me...

Oh, and I apologize for the title. ;-)

Title: Well, That's Just Ducky
Summary: ...Summary? Um... Three, Ducky, and MarySue!me in L-Space...
Notes: Gen, 550 words. Fluffity pointless fluff!

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Okay, these are not staying drabble-length very well.

Challenge word #3 was "alien" - the original intent as a Doctor Who challenge, of course, was space aliens, but I thought of a different sort of alien...

This is actually a concept I've been thinking about for a while. We usually see fics where Napoleon is the first person to help Illya feel welcome in New York, but that generally feels a bit contrived to me, plus I'm always interested in minor characters (I've written Siler-centric before now, for Pete's sake!) So here's a different take on the topic.

Title: In a Strange Land
Summary: What do you say to a Soviet Russian on the Fourth of July?
Notes: Gen, 400-ish words. Pre-series.

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Okay, the second dw100 challenge word was "food" - pretty obvious who I'd be writing about for that one, eh? ;D It actually took me some time to come up with this particular idea, and I apologize wholeheartedly for stealing the concept (and the foods) from a 'Gatefic of which I do not remember the author.

Title: Food Fight
Summary: Illya's first food fight in the UNCLE cafeteria.
Notes: Gen, double drabble i.e. 200 words. Early partnership. Blue Jello courtesy of the SGC. ;-)

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Between Lothi's [ profile] mfuwss drabbles and [ profile] dw100 , I am surrounded by drabble challenges. However, I find it quite difficult to write on a topic someone else has already written on, without some kind of twist. I have therefore embarked, for no real discernible reason, on the project of writing an UNCLE drabble (or possibly a McCallum drabble) on each of the dw100 challenges.

The first challenge was "accidents". One is not required to use the word in the drabble; it's just for inspiration. Here is my take on the subject.

Title: Accidental Capture
Summary: Explains a certain oft-noted oddity of Napoleon Solo's wardrobe.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 100 words. Early partnership, pre-series. Silly, but... maybe not so silly. ;-)

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