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Okay, so this is something I've kind of been thinking about for a while... and let me say upfront that I haven't the faintest notion where I'm going with this. I'm just poking something that looks like it wants to be poked. *big red button* ;-)

It's about Mofftiem on Doctor Who: specifically, about Rory/Amy and gender politics. Waaaay back when I watched "The Eleventh Hour", spoilers herein, for all of SFnarg )

Incidentally, I've got no objection to being spoiled for SFnarg+1 in the comments if it makes for a better discussion. Have at it! ;-)
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Happy Geek Day, all! Do you know where your towel is?

I have with me: a small towel (for Towel Day); a sprig of lilac (for Alzheimer's Awareness Day *sadface*); Converse (for saving the universe actually my silly feet require them); a half-size Captain America shield (for general "I look stupid but AWESOME" geek points). I didn't think to bring my light saber (for the anniversary of the Star Wars premiere 33 years ago) - I should have done that. Next year, maybe! :D
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Okay, so I was poking InfiniteViking's back archives (as I do - some of my longtime friends know that I tend to marathon interesting people's journal archives when I'm bored, and scatter comments along my way), and I found a "List 100 awesome female characters" meme.

This leads me to realize that I don't even know if I could come up with 25 or 50 awesome female characters, let alone 100. I pay far too little attention to the ladies - heck, the TARDIS is the only female character in my icons right now! O_O Except for her, my favorite characters from my various fandoms fit quite well under the heading of "my guys".

So. For an experiment: rockin' awesome female characters in no particular order. Good, evil, human, alien, inorganic... let's see how many I can come up with!

Hopefully this will be long )

Well! That was educational! It seems that many things I like actually have quite a high concentration of awesome ladies - I just don't primarily focus on them. Granted, most of them are in pretty minor roles. o_O

(Feel free to suggest female characters I missed in the comments! Admittedly, there are some I left out on purpose, but there are also many many many that I just haven't seen yet or plain forgot about. *g*)
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Calling all Whovians, Wholigans, and other fans of Doctor Who! ;-) Calufrax, the Doctor Who rec-a-day(-ish) comm on LiveJournal (affiliated with the A Teaspoon and an Open Mind archive), is running out of reccers!

I mean it. They're so short on signed-up reccers that the mod's decided to take the comm to an every-other-week status, just to postpone the day when there is NOBODY LEFT. This is a horrible fate for a rec-a-day comm, so I am asking y'all to do two things. Please.

1: Even if you can't sign up to rec, for whatever reason - if you like reading Who fic, or if you have Doctor Who fans on your flist, please signal-boost this call for help all you can! You never know who (I amuse myself) will respond.

2: If you possibly can, sign up to rec for a week. It doesn't take much effort: but there are a few steps involved )

(That last item isn't required, but everyone does it anyway. *g*)
So... um, a while ago (last August, good grief), LJ's DW_straybunnies comm ran a "fem!Doctor regenerates into a male" challenge. Me being me, I wrote a non-serious response based entirely on the fem!Doctor costume designs I'd been working on for a while (since I can't draw and have no time to sew), plus a few I had to dream up for the occasion.

I really, really wish I could draw. ;-)

Title: Clothes Make the Man
Summary: The Doctor has always been female. UNTIL NOW.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 511 words. Eleventh Doctor.

What do male humans wear, anyway? )


Apr. 19th, 2011 10:09 pm
Lis Sladen is dead. :O

I can't even. She was only sixty-three. SARAH JANE.

(and now I'm trying to quote Three - you know the line - and I can't because SARAH JANE, DANGIT. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. *sniffles*)

(Who the hell is next?!?)
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From Dwth's [community profile] fannish5 comm, one of those random memeish question-posty things:

Name your 5 favorite fictional marriages.

On finding that very few people get married in my fandoms, I change it to marriages and couples who ought to have got married (or, in one case, arguably are married by some definition)... and I'm still astonished that I could come up with five. ;-)

This is, as usual, a cut )

And that's five, and I'm going to bed. Wow. Shouldn't have stayed up this late. But I've been meaning to babble about some of this for a while.

ETA: and apparently I totally forgot Han/Leia and Sarek/Amanda. *headslap* And now I am going to bed.
Okay... if y'all didn't already know (as you may well not - I've been making quite a few new friends), this weekend is LJ's fic_rush, a 48-hour fanfic writing marathon held once a month. Obviously nobody stays for the whole 48 hours (!!) - we just all drop in and out as we please, chatter with our fellow writers in the hourly posts at fic_rush_48, and write whatever we want. (It doesn't even have to be fiction: I spent a good many 'rushes working on college application essays last summer.)

Anyway! You are all cordially invited to come over and write with us, if you can get in past the Russian Mafia's dastardly attempts to shut us down. C'mon, it's a lot of fun.

And - the point of this post - we have a long-standing tradition of crackfic in the later hours of the 'rush. This is the first time I've contributed, and I'm quite proud of myself. ;-)

Title: Kicking AUs, Taking Names
Summary: In which the motorcycle space pirates take on the Russian Mafia.
Notes: 654 words. Gen, rated G. Massive multi-fandom canon!AU crossover; I'll be happy to explain stuff in comments if anybody wants.

Mafia and motorcycles under the cut! )
(I have completely given up on having my titles make sense.)

Um, this one... started as a Five Things To Do Instead Of Fixing The TARDIS. (Three found one of Jamie's half-finished socks in the wardrobe room and decided to learn how to knit. Yes, of course Jamie knit his own socks - not least because Frazier Hines has fantastic hands. Shusht. *g*) Then stuff happened.


Title: Madame Nostradamus, I Presume
Summary: This is a Third Doctor "how the Scarf got into the wardrobe room" story. Sort of.
Notes: 363 words. Gen, rated G. Season 10-11 hiatus of Classic Who.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! )
So... [ profile] dw_straybunnies had a special Brig!fic challenge this month, for obvious reasons. The challenge was "The Brigadier in other eras, or other eras with the Brigadier"; Two, Five, Six, Eight and/or their companions were preferred, since they seldom show up with the Brig in fic (though as usual in a Straybunnies challenge, pretty much anything was allowed).

I'm not even sure what happened, but this is what I wrote.

Title: Things That Did Not Happen in 2011
Stats: 300-ish words. Gen; worksafe (hey, it's me). Nine, Jamie, Zoe.
Warnings: Major character death. This is Brig!funeral fic, and not the nice saccharine sort I usually prefer.

Credits: Inspired by [ profile] calapine's excellent "School Reunion" tag His Story, quoted herein, and by something [ profile] lost_spook said and something Rusty did.

Also lost_spook made me a gorgeous banner for it, which is under the cut because this header is Long Enough Already.

battling space thuggery, 1968-2011 )
I place all the blame for this on [ profile] lost_spook, who yoinked the link from [ profile] clocketpatch. See, this thing is a random 'ship-ficlet generator (although it bills itself erroneously as a random drabble generator). It requires you to put in a ridiculous amount of information, but the results are spectacular.

Being the sort of person who... well, once made lost_spook write TARDIS/Millennium Falcon ship!'ship fic... I couldn't resist putting the same pairing into this oddment, with some adjustments such as "police box light" and "console" for body parts.

Click if you dare! )

I should admit that the scruffy-looking nerf herder was entirely my fault.

And then I hit "refresh" and it gave me SHAKESPEARE. Shakespeare, I say. With quad laser cannons. :D

TARDIS and Millennium Falcon )
...When will I ever learn not to bookmark fics on my laptop? I have a bad relationship with laptops. Mine is currently in the shop, and with it my fic bookmarks. (The ones that weren't eaten when the last laptop died.)

However! I can still find the top two stories I always knew I'd have to re-read when Who-ish people died. (I never even imagined, dangit, that I'd be reading them for the man they were written about.)

The first one, and the most awesome of all possible Who deathfics IMO, is this one: The Cheviot Hills by Jennifer on FFnet. It is the one in which all the Classic Doctors who worked with the Brig attend his funeral (including Eight, thanks to the BFAs). It made me cry even when Nick wasn't dead, and I don't cry at fic.

Under the cut because it is a spoiler and also religious content (in the sense of assuming the existence of a deity), but there is no way I could be making this post - dash it all to heck, how can I be making this post?!? - without quoting the lines from the Gallifreyan funeral service that are in that fic:

this is a cut )



The other fic I have to rec, of course, is [ profile] clocketpatch's excellent Nothing Ordinary, which I'm guessing you've all read already but I'm reccing it anyway. It's just a beautiful little tribute fic.

(On re-reading these two stories, I note with interest that we all assumed - I certainly did - that it'd be heart trouble that would get him. Not cancer. DANG IT HOW CAN THE BRIG DIE OF CANCER. I have a feeling a lot of us, if we met the Doctor right now, would be shouting with Amy Pond "THEN WHAT'S THE USE OF YOU???")

*will now go home and cry a lot*

*and then watch Terror of the Zygons or something*

ETA: I forgot to say two things I really should have said. One is: What About Everything, the ultimate Who vid for every occasion. (Seriously, I once introduced a family of NuWhovians to the entirety of Classic Who in an evening using frame-by-frame "What About Everything" and a lot of babbling.) Allow me to direct your attention to the sequence beginning at 1:34.

The other thing is: I saw somebody say "R.I.P.... rest in Peru, Brigadier." This amuses me slightly.
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Nick Courtney is dead. Nick Courtney.

Somehow I never really thought it could happen. :'-(

(Icon because like a bloody idiot I didn't expect to need any sadface icons on my last rejuggling. *sigh*)

My collection of Brig!death fic recs will probably be posted shortly. With much sniffling. (No, I have no idea why I have a collection of Brig!death fic recs.)
And I have snazzy stuff! Which I am going to link and chatter about because [ profile] eponymous_rose did for hers and I am nothing if not original, oh yes. ;-)

This is long )
...Can I get a quick beta for a 600-word Doctor Who (UNIT)/X-Men crossover? You don't need to know either fandom; I just want to find out if it's as dire in its current condition as I think it is.

Thanks, anybody that takes me up on this...

Fandom meme

Oct. 3rd, 2010 11:10 am
Okay - [ profile] togsos was doing this meme and I (being - like her - a "sleek fabulous lemming", lol) jumped on the bandwagon.

Rules: Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

Togsos asked me about Sapphire and Steel, MFU, and Doctor Who, then added "but I would like a bonus set of the same answers on Star Trek next gen because it is a slide into fandom that is happening/evolving before my very eyes!" So, um, here's all that.

Under cuts, because you know how I ramble.

S&S under here ) MFU under here ) Who under here ) TNG under here )
Okay, so various people on my flist have been applying the Pirate Translator to their fanfic in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's actually tomorrow here by now, but... eh, why not.

The pirate-ized version of One More Time is under the cut.

Here it is... )

I'm also testing out LJ crossposting here. (I do find it vastly amusing that in fleeing crossposting from LJ we have all wound up crossposting to it. *g*)
So I ganked this from [ profile] eponymous_rose, who made it up a few years back. I'm reading through her archives, because I'm bored and apparently Whovians all have fascinating LJ archives. ;-)

Multi-Fandom Fanfiction Meme (You had me at "multi-fandom". *g*)

The instructions )

WELL! That was interesting... I find that I can't write a Sapphire & Steel half-drabble on a Robert W. Service prompt. It just won't. But here are the other four. I am deliberately not thinking about whether they are any good; half-drabbles aren't long enough for me to form a complete thought anyway.

Doctor Who )

Legend )

Man from UNCLE )

Stargate SG-1 )
30 Days of Telly meme from Calapine, Day 3.

Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season): As aforementioned, I don't watch much new TV. At all. The only thing I've been watching this season as it comes out is the new series of Doctor Who.

Here is what I think of it: cut for spoilers... )



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