And I have snazzy stuff! Which I am going to link and chatter about because [ profile] eponymous_rose did for hers and I am nothing if not original, oh yes. ;-)

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I has a fandom_stocking! Which I am now linking so people can put things in it if they want. Also if you have a stocking, please comment on this post to let me know! (Although I'll be going through the comm posts too, there are so many of them I could easily miss yours.)
[ profile] fandom_stocking's 2010 stocking post is up!

If you missed my earlier post about this, the linked post and the comm info explain most of it. One point that's not made as clear as I'd like is that the whole thing is completely without obligation - you can sign up for a stocking even if you have no time to put anything (even random good wishes) in anyone else's stocking. So there are no excuses! ;-)

The point of all which is: pull together a list of your fannish likes and dislikes (if you've been at all touched by the Yuletide insanity, I suspect you have one of these), go over to fandom_stocking and post it! Then, once stockings are posted, you can either go through and put things in everyone else's... or not. And just sit back and wait for Old Christmas Day to roll around!
This is a bit of a random PSA: [ profile] fandom_stocking is getting ready to go again!

I expect there are people on my flist who haven't heard of this comm - I hadn't, till [ profile] eponymous_rose started nattering about it last year - so here are the basics:

long post can be shortened a bit... )

TL;DR: make list of fannish likes and dislikes, put list in appropriate place, get pile of lovely happy-making comments on January 6. How awesome is that?

One thing I'd like to clarify, by way of encouraging y'all to sign up for stockings: this DOES NOT HAVE to be reciprocal. You are not required to leave anything in anyone else's stocking just because you signed up to have a stocking. Of course, we're all nice people who would like to scatter happiness around us ;-) but it's not something you have to stress over, "Eek, do I have the time to commit to this?" You can do as little or as much as you have time for.

So, anyway. Go take a look at the comm ([ profile] fandom_stocking, I link it again) and start getting your fandom lists ready. *mock-stern face* I want an flist full of "Oh btw here is my fandom_stocking link!" come December! ;-)


In other news, I am having way too much fun with my new Q icons, now that I finally got around to uploading some of them. Thank you, [ profile] lolmac Beth!



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