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Okay, so I was poking InfiniteViking's back archives (as I do - some of my longtime friends know that I tend to marathon interesting people's journal archives when I'm bored, and scatter comments along my way), and I found a "List 100 awesome female characters" meme.

This leads me to realize that I don't even know if I could come up with 25 or 50 awesome female characters, let alone 100. I pay far too little attention to the ladies - heck, the TARDIS is the only female character in my icons right now! O_O Except for her, my favorite characters from my various fandoms fit quite well under the heading of "my guys".

So. For an experiment: rockin' awesome female characters in no particular order. Good, evil, human, alien, inorganic... let's see how many I can come up with!

Hopefully this will be long )

Well! That was educational! It seems that many things I like actually have quite a high concentration of awesome ladies - I just don't primarily focus on them. Granted, most of them are in pretty minor roles. o_O

(Feel free to suggest female characters I missed in the comments! Admittedly, there are some I left out on purpose, but there are also many many many that I just haven't seen yet or plain forgot about. *g*)
... but I'm really starting to wonder. The other night after I figured out (part of) the plot on this MacGyver/MFU story, our basement flooded; now that I've actually got some tentative dialogue down, the freezer died. (Well, hopefully temporarily - but it still means another Large Panic rearranging stuff and, you got it, MacGyvering things.)

So, being rather tired (understatement) and at a bit of an odd angle to reality right now, I'm wondering if this sort of thing happens to other MacGyver writers? (All two of you, yeah. *g*) Or is it just me?

(Disclaimer: My sister in Search and Rescue got this as an e-mail forward from her captain. I haven't the Snopes-fu to be quite sure it's for real, but even if it's not, it'd be a pretty impressive fake! And either way, I just had to show it to my MacGyverly friends here.)

So apparently, this group of fishermen on a "fly-in" trip to the Alaskan interior left some fish, bait, and such in their plane. And a bear came along. This is what it did to the plane:

Pictures under the cut. )

So the pilot, being a resourceful sort of person, radioed to another pilot, who brought him 2 new tires, 3 cases (yes, cases - that's what the e-mail said) of duct tape, and "a supply" of sheet plastic. And this is what he did with it:

Another cut for more pictures. )

After which he was reportedly able to fly the plane home!
I've been wanting to do this caption ever since... um, "The Iowa-Scuba Affair", I think. You know, when Napoleon got locked in the bathroom with gas coming out of the showerhead? Shaving cream - terrycloth towel - rubbing alcohol - BOOM!!! Finally found the perfect pic for it, on "Sapphire and Steel", of all places. Screencap didn't exist, but I knew I'd never find a better shot, so I talked my sister into taking one for me. And here we are!

First off: I haz big news! Four years, four months and three days ago (yes, I counted), my family moved house. Since then, we've been doing a major remodel on the old house and trying to sell it - not exactly at the same time. My mother and I did most of the work: plumbing, electrical, carpeting, drywall, flooring, cabinets, everything but roofing (which I refuse to learn, being acrophobic.) I even wrote a Doctor Who ficlet, Liberation, inspired by the subject.

Anyway. Today - today, right now, as I type - is the closing on the old house! Going, going, gone!!! Out of my hair! No more flitting around like an UNCLE agent in miniature, never knowing what will go wrong next or where I'll spend the night; no more camping without running water or a working stove! (Granted, these experiences do help me get inside the boys' heads when I'm writing, but I'd just as lief not have any more for a while, y'know?)

So, in celebration, a plumber!Illya LOL. (You know you're going a little bit crazy when you seriously consider dreaming up a scenario where Illya takes a long-term undercover assignment as a handyman just so you can turn around all the crazy things that happen to you and happen them to him. No, I didn't do it.)

I must be the only person on [ profile] illyushadarling 's flist who, when confronted with this particular Illya-costume from The Off-Broadway Affair, saw something besides Baby Ducky. (I absolutely love this costume... but that's a bit beside the point, isn't it?)

If you don't get the caption, there's an explanation below the LOL.

Ur doin it first!

Okay. If you didn't get it: it's a MacGyver joke. Mac occasionally goes undercover as a computer geek named Dexter Fillmore; the disguise consists of scruffy clothes, thick glasses, and really seriously good, Illya!Nexor level, acting. This is Mac (in Dexter's clothes, but not in character); this is Dexter.

And if you haven't seen MacGyver, you should.
Another LOL... I love this image. In my Mac/Gate fanon 'verse, Mac and Jack are kinda-sorta twin brothers (Mac/Gatefans, you have read Variance of Luck, right?), and I still have an extremely hard time convincing myself that Robot Jack really wasn't played by RDA's long-lost twin.

(I so love the FX quality on SG-1...)

All this stuff about zombies on my flist has reminded me of my first fanfic, Velocizompire Apocalypse. Which reminded me of Cairis Rin's awesome Mac/Gate epic Variance of Luck. Which reminded me of the SG-1 ep Double Jeopardy (proving once again that the ways of my brain are peculiar, which the same I am free to maintain - with apologies to Bret Harte.) So I went over to Stargatecaps.

This is the result. Don't ask me what the backstory behind this pic and caption is, because I don't know. It certainly isn't what it started out to be: an illustration for Velocizompire Apocalypse!

I was planning to do a little more polishing/writing and post a fic, but, well... we're studying Shakespeare's Henry IV, and it's the most tiring read-through we've ever had. I've got to agree with John Masefield (who did an introduction to one of the editions we've got): this is not one of Shakespeare's better plays. It maunders on and goes nowhere, at least for the first three acts - we didn't get any farther - and most of the few jokes we understood weren't worth getting. I personally suspect he wrote it on an all-nighter the day before it was due with the help of several punny friends and way too much ale (no offence to any hypothetical Bardolatrists on my flist).

("Solo Mission" looks like coming along quite nicely, though, once my brain is awake enough to work on it... which, right now, it definitely isn't. But my mom lent me her mom's 1966 Merck Manual to look up concussions etc - it's fascinating and occasionally hilarious reading - and my dad knows more about manual-transmission Jeeps than he usually lets on, so... yeah. But the timeline has gone and corkscrewed itself right inside out.)

So, this is the only post I had the energy to do. Hope y'all like it... I suspect you will. ;-)

(Beth - I suspect I subconsciously stole this caption from you, but I'm so zonked I'm not even sure. If I did, sorry! Post the linky and I'll credit.)


I was going to do another LOLIllya, but, well... I was looking through [ profile] lolmac and [ profile] illyushadarling archives at the same time, and I kind of lost track of time. So I'll make that up and post it tomorrow.

In the meantime - here's something I doubt you'll find on any other journal: a (very small) picspam of Dan Shea's appearances on MacGyver as someone other than RDA's stunt double! (Pics ganked - that's a technical term, you know winks - from macsyourman, with some assistance in finding them from IMDb.)

Two more under the cut... )
So I ran across this meme today: When you see this, post five unpopular fandom opinions in your journal. Eh, why not? I seem to have a knack for holding unpopular opinions anyway.
  1. Doctor Who (modern): David Tennant is, well, not cute. I could put it more strongly than that, but I already have a nice collection of flames for my next bonfire... ;-)
  2. Man from UNCLE: I like quite a lot of third season. (Though it does explain why UNCLE crackfic isn't particularly common: in this fandom, the crack is canon!)
  3. Doctor Who (classic): Tom Baker is SCARY. The hair! The teeth! The EYES! (Great actor, though - one of very few I'd watch in practically anything, just to see him work. Along with RDA, Fred MacMurray, Angela Lansbury, and possibly Werner Klemperer.)
  4. Stargate SG-1: I don't see anything slashy in the "Spacemonkey!" scene. Seriously.
  5. MacGyver: Mac has it unfairly easy because, in his world, all the nuts and screws fit the holes he wants them to go into. Whereas, in my world, they never do. *grumps*



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