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I WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! And now there are 50,025 words of story about Mort and James and their nieces and nephews. And I am exhausted. *g*

but not too exhausted to ramble under the cut )

Also: PARTAY!!!!! I am just a little bit too frazzled to fetch Tuxodo (sorry, tuxedo!Odo) over here from my LJ scrapbook, and I am going to bed now, but PARTY TIEM. Drinks for everyone! Or whatever.

*falls over whump* ;-)
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My MaNoWriMo novel is currently 16,531 words long.

I'm still 2825 words behind, but I'm a third of the way through! :D And having to push for more than my "comfort zone" of 1500 words every day is really doing me a lot of good, I think. I'm learning to WRITE ALL THE SCENES, whether I think they'll wind up in the finished book or not, because every one of them teaches me more about these characters and their story. Even if every single one wants rewriting. ;-)

I don't know if I'll hit 50,000 words before the end of the month, but even if I don't, I am massively happy with this novel and I think I'm going to keep working on it after May is over until it turns into a coherent story with continuity. (Then I'll have to find a "first reader" to tell me how dire it is... oh, joy. *g*)


May. 1st, 2011 01:04 pm
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* Re: DS9_rewatch - I love that I have just asked someone, quite sincerely, "In what way is the emu demeaning? I'm curious." OH TREK. (FTR, it's demeaning because all Odo gets to do this week is spoiler cut ) But he's so darn cute doing it that I personally will save my ranting-at-writers for Next Week aka "The Forsaken".)

Also, EMUS. Seriously, rewatch chat is awesomeness of awesomeful. :D

* William Campbell just died. Trekkies on my flist probably know him as Captain Koloth (one of the first three Klingon captains from TOS, who also made guest appearances on DS9 and, I think, TNG; he appeared in "The Trouble with Tribbles") and Trelane (from "Squire of Gothos", a proto-Q character).

* Re: MaNoWriMo - my wordcount right now is 3453 words. In something like nineteen hours. (I started on Greenwich time, but it's fair because I will also finish on Greenwich time. If I finish.) The thing that scares me the most right now about this whole insane plan? I did the math for May being a 31-day month, and it knocks 54 words off every day's goal.

In other words, I have committed to write 54x30 words on the same story every day of this month. I AM TRULY INSANE. But optimistic! Sort of. ;-)



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