This tale grew in the telling, as a very wise man said on another occasion...

I was just going to post a couple of pictures from (I think) "Around the World Under the Sea", as a special Christmas treat for [ profile] illyushadarling  because she isn't feeling well (to put it mildly.) And then I started thinking a bit of a personalized caption or some such might be nice. This is the final result.

To recap a bit (ooh, was that a pun?): Illyushadarling's post yesterday, informing us that she couldn't post screencaps because she had a nasty stomach bug, began something like this:

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring
Except for illyushadarling puking her guts out.

Not pretty, but expressive. Being the sort of person who is plot-bunnied - or in this case, picspam-bunnied - by the oddest things, I bring the much pleasanter tale of what happened next. With lots of large pictures, so it's under the cut.

Right this way... )

Also the swimtrunks!DMc pictures I promised - found for me by [ profile] periwinkle27  on DavidMcCallumFansOnline - plus a totally gratuitous shot of Steel I bagged from [ profile] sarlania because I cannot resist this man in blue plaid flannel.

Another cut... )
[ profile] primsong mentioned over on the Doctor Who Friending Meme that she had a plushie!Three. So I was all "Squee, so do I! I post picture!"

So: here's Tiny!Three. (I should probably take more pictures, but I have an incredibly hard time posing amigurumi for some reason.)

He's about 9.5 inches tall - my first all-crochet project, or was till I knitted the cape. I adapted him from [ profile] snuffykin 's Tiny!Ten pattern - resized the head (chibi!Three looked a bit weird), made him a tad bit taller, added cuff-ruffles and '70s collar (not terribly visible right here, but the cape's detachable). I'm not sure Three actually had a royal purple jacket at any time, but I had one ounce of this gorgeous yarn left and wanted to do something special with it. And you know Three could totally wear a purple jacket.

Tiny!Three and the Very Deep Hole, now with no hole

Also, for no particular reason (under cuts so as not to asplode flist):

Dinosaur! )

And ghost! )

No, I do not have a picture of all three together. And I do not have a knitted TARDIS. Yet.

(Btw, Primsong? Your plushie is cooler than my plushie; yours has satin cape-lining and foofy hair. And is big enough to be huggable.)
Sorry I missed posting yesterday - I had an insanely busy day, no LOLs ready to go, and I'd hoped to finish writing the missing scene for the Winner By a Nose Affair. Which I didn't.

To make up for it, here's a double treat: a picspam of Illyacaps I saved just because they were pretty (piccies ganked from Framecaplib and Evasion Pattern Eight), plus a caption contest. I've put down my best effort at a caption for each shot - mostly pretty lame; now it's y'all's turn!

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." (I told you it was lame... I can't think properly while looking at this shot. Can you?)

Clicky for more pretty... )
I was going to do another LOLIllya, but, well... I was looking through [ profile] lolmac and [ profile] illyushadarling archives at the same time, and I kind of lost track of time. So I'll make that up and post it tomorrow.

In the meantime - here's something I doubt you'll find on any other journal: a (very small) picspam of Dan Shea's appearances on MacGyver as someone other than RDA's stunt double! (Pics ganked - that's a technical term, you know winks - from macsyourman, with some assistance in finding them from IMDb.)

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