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Okay, so over on [community profile] ds9_rewatch we've been discussing "The Forsaken" aka The One Where Odo And Lwaxana Get Stuck In A Turbolift. I've been promising all and sundry a massive rant!post about that ep ever since I first saw it. This is that post.

Xposted verbatim from ds9_rewatch, with their discussion questions, because otherwise I'd spend all this evening rewriting this instead of working on my [profile] manowrimo wordcount!

Longness, spoilers for this and future eps, and discussion of sexuality and rape/consent issues under the cut )
...I don't know if this is a good idea at all, but I have realized that at least 75% of all the fics I've ever planned to write have no existence on paper, and most of the others are in some state of outline-iness or snippetude. This is all for one reason: I'm a perfectionist who would rather not start than fail to produce awesomeness (and, okay, be complimented thereon. *wry grin*)

That is a Bad Reason to not write and/or not publish fics. Therefore I make a very late New Year's resolution: I am going to go through my list of fic ideas and try to write the ones I still want to see written, and then I am going to publish them. And (while I will be sensible and have them betaed for "is this any good?") I am not going to worry about having them as brilliant as they want to be in my head. If an idea is worth writing, A Story using it is at least somewhat better than No Story, y/n?

(And I am also not going to worry about whether anybody is going to be interested in reading them. I tend to shoot down far too many of my own ideas with "well, I never saw it done before, so obvsly nobody likes it" - which results in the writing of Bad Cliché!fic and nothing else. *g*)

Wish me luck! ;-)
[ profile] loneraven is doing one of those memes where you have to get somebody's attention to participate - this one is a "talk about five fictional characters beginning with a given letter" thing - and since I was lucky enough to actually get a letter from her (this is an Unusual Occurrence in my online life), I am now yattering about five some fictional characters beginning with the letter P!

...I really don't think I can come up with five. Wow.

Peregrin Took )

Mary Poppins )

Portia Blake, Pindar Payton; heck, I'm just going to babble about Gone-Away Lake and Elizabeth Enright in general ) know what? It's past 8 o'clock, and I've got four out of five anyway. (And if I go on too much longer I shall exceed the post length limit.) TL;DR: Pippin was shortchanged in the LOTR movies; Mary Poppins is cooler in the movie than in the books; everybody that likes kidlit ought to read Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away if they haven't already. Or re-read it. Goodness knows I'm on my umpty-zillionth reread. ;D
Or something like that. Um... this me having watched Piles Of New Stuff since renewing my Netflix a month ago, and wanting to natter about the stuff people on my flist kept telling me I should see. ;-)

Under a cut, because I am long-winded )

TL;DR: SGA begins to be boring. Mythbusters is awesome. Firefly is... if I could play in the 'verse without dealing with the characters, I would. The Real McCoys is lame. David Tennant's Hamlet is incredible. Sarah Jane Adventures is probably better on average than New Who. MST3K isn't my style. Psych is a fun show (and besides the pilot had Don S. Davis in it. Hands up, all who miss General Hammond.) Highlander is unwatchable-by-me if the first half of the pilot is a representative sample. And The Middleman is my new flash-in-the-pan fandom. :D
From [personal profile] primsong. Comment with BLUE SNOOD and I'll give you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Go post the answers on your journal with these instructions and spread the madness!

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So [ profile] stunt_muppet was wondering on her journal how other people manage to write such little short fics - a whole story in 400 words or some such. She asked, "Short-fic-writers on my flist, how exactly do you do it? How do you find the perfect small slice of a scene to write about? How do you condense an idea into such a small space?"

Well, in a classic example of "the grass is greener", I've always wondered how other people can write so much in one story that ficathons with minimum requirements of 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 words are common! So I offered to do a ramble/analysis post about how my fics are so short. Here it is.

I have no trouble cranking out the words in non-fiction, of course, so they are under here. )

LOL, now I find myself wanting to remix "Well, That's Just Ducky" and see if I could make it into a longfic! *g*
... but I'm really starting to wonder. The other night after I figured out (part of) the plot on this MacGyver/MFU story, our basement flooded; now that I've actually got some tentative dialogue down, the freezer died. (Well, hopefully temporarily - but it still means another Large Panic rearranging stuff and, you got it, MacGyvering things.)

So, being rather tired (understatement) and at a bit of an odd angle to reality right now, I'm wondering if this sort of thing happens to other MacGyver writers? (All two of you, yeah. *g*) Or is it just me?

If I followed common wisdom and "wrote about what I know"...'d definitely be crackfic. I spent about three hours this afternoon up a ladder outside with a hairdryer, kitchen towels, scissors and a car scraper.

Explanation under the cut... )



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