This tale grew in the telling, as a very wise man said on another occasion...

I was just going to post a couple of pictures from (I think) "Around the World Under the Sea", as a special Christmas treat for [ profile] illyushadarling  because she isn't feeling well (to put it mildly.) And then I started thinking a bit of a personalized caption or some such might be nice. This is the final result.

To recap a bit (ooh, was that a pun?): Illyushadarling's post yesterday, informing us that she couldn't post screencaps because she had a nasty stomach bug, began something like this:

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring
Except for illyushadarling puking her guts out.

Not pretty, but expressive. Being the sort of person who is plot-bunnied - or in this case, picspam-bunnied - by the oddest things, I bring the much pleasanter tale of what happened next. With lots of large pictures, so it's under the cut.

Right this way... )

Also the swimtrunks!DMc pictures I promised - found for me by [ profile] periwinkle27  on DavidMcCallumFansOnline - plus a totally gratuitous shot of Steel I bagged from [ profile] sarlania because I cannot resist this man in blue plaid flannel.

Another cut... )
For those who participated in the "Fics I Wouldn't Write Meme" - there is a list of things I hope to write from your prompts under the cut.

Right here... )

And a LOL. Piccie from [ profile] purple_bug , color-tweaky advice from illyushadarling, caption from [ profile] lolmac 's LOLHappyFace.

I've been wanting to do this caption ever since... um, "The Iowa-Scuba Affair", I think. You know, when Napoleon got locked in the bathroom with gas coming out of the showerhead? Shaving cream - terrycloth towel - rubbing alcohol - BOOM!!! Finally found the perfect pic for it, on "Sapphire and Steel", of all places. Screencap didn't exist, but I knew I'd never find a better shot, so I talked my sister into taking one for me. And here we are!

First of all, many, many thanks to [ profile] illyushadarling , who has just taught me how to tweak the color and brightness on screencaps. I was up quite late last night playing (and will probably wind up redoing quite a few of my LOLs), but it was well worth it. A hundred million hugs with chocolate awesomesauce to you, darlin' - you've been an absolute lifesaver! (Oy, that sounds sticky...)

Many thanks as well to [personal profile] eponymous_rose (moderator on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, but that's slightly beside the point) for her awesome "Sapphire and Steel: A Beginner's Guide" picspam (warning, will mercilessly oppress dialup users, but how many of those are there anymore anyway?) without which I never would have figured out the difference between Sapphire & Steel and Remington Steele, let alone remembering to actually watch the former. It's also where I ganked this picture from. And while I'm at it, I should really thank [ profile] iko (who is an incurable cinephile and a fellow knitter of Doctor-Who-themed stuff) for pointing me to the show, via the picspam, in the first place.

Okay, enough yapping.



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