Okay... if y'all didn't already know (as you may well not - I've been making quite a few new friends), this weekend is LJ's fic_rush, a 48-hour fanfic writing marathon held once a month. Obviously nobody stays for the whole 48 hours (!!) - we just all drop in and out as we please, chatter with our fellow writers in the hourly posts at fic_rush_48, and write whatever we want. (It doesn't even have to be fiction: I spent a good many 'rushes working on college application essays last summer.)

Anyway! You are all cordially invited to come over and write with us, if you can get in past the Russian Mafia's dastardly attempts to shut us down. C'mon, it's a lot of fun.

And - the point of this post - we have a long-standing tradition of crackfic in the later hours of the 'rush. This is the first time I've contributed, and I'm quite proud of myself. ;-)

Title: Kicking AUs, Taking Names
Summary: In which the motorcycle space pirates take on the Russian Mafia.
Notes: 654 words. Gen, rated G. Massive multi-fandom canon!AU crossover; I'll be happy to explain stuff in comments if anybody wants.

Mafia and motorcycles under the cut! )
Possibly even a good thing. I don't know, it's half past eleven PM my time and I didn't exactly eat dinner, so I might just be posting in a fit of overoptimism... but it is a thing.

(Also it's in what appears to be my new writing-fandom, Deep Space Nine. I'm a bit of a serial monogamist when it comes to fandoms - this observation being mainly for the Niners now joining my flist through [livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch, since the Munclers, Whovians, and 'Gateficcers already know it perfectly well. *g*)

I'm not more than half sure about any of this, so I'd appreciate critical comments as well as (or instead of *g*) complimentary ones.

Title: Of All the Gin Joints...
Summary: Missing scene for "Emissary", the DS9 pilot. Falls between the part where Dax and Sisko decide they need to sneak out and take a look at the not-yet-identified wormhole and the part where Kira and O'Brien shut down Quark's bar.
Notes: ~900 words, gen, rated G. Teamfic, Odo-centric. Massive spoilers for "Emissary", a tiny one for "Heart of Stone" (reference to Odo's full name). Oh, and I apologize if my misappropriation of the title gives anyone unexpected need for brain-bleach. ;-)

Of all the gin joints in all the slums in all the worlds... )
...who both tend to link YouTube videos and other fascinating things on their journals at intervals, I'm reccing y'all two Star Trek blooper reels of awesome, both of which I've watched numerous times before I finally got around to sharing them with my friends.

The first one is from Deep Space Nine and Voyager - mostly Voyager -

Under the cut... )

and the other features the original Starfleet Seven, in a blooper reel from The Voyage Home aka The One With The Whales. (Dang, I forgot how much I miss these guys! Especially De Kelley. Of course.) It is HILARIOUS, especially since Leonard Nimoy is directing as well as acting - so he cracks up on camera quite a bit.

Also the ending is brilliant.

Under the other cut... )
Can I get a beta reader or two for an 800-ish-word, no-spoilers, crossover ficlet featuring Discworld and Deep Space Nine characters? I've never written in either of these 'verses before, so I'd like to get my character voices checked (Vimes and Odo, specifically), plus generally see if the story makes any sense to someone besides me.

Obviously, most of y'all will only know one fandom or the other, so please don't hesitate to volunteer if you can beta for one! Please? :-)



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