...who both tend to link YouTube videos and other fascinating things on their journals at intervals, I'm reccing y'all two Star Trek blooper reels of awesome, both of which I've watched numerous times before I finally got around to sharing them with my friends.

The first one is from Deep Space Nine and Voyager - mostly Voyager -

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and the other features the original Starfleet Seven, in a blooper reel from The Voyage Home aka The One With The Whales. (Dang, I forgot how much I miss these guys! Especially De Kelley. Of course.) It is HILARIOUS, especially since Leonard Nimoy is directing as well as acting - so he cracks up on camera quite a bit.

Also the ending is brilliant.

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And I have snazzy stuff! Which I am going to link and chatter about because [livejournal.com profile] eponymous_rose did for hers and I am nothing if not original, oh yes. ;-)

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Theorem: The universe is awesome.

Proof: "Spock vs. Q" and "Spock vs. Q: The Sequel" are both available on YouTube.

I could squee about the writing, the acting, the unexpected singing, and of course the whole concept of these odd little arcana - a pair of radio-play-like scenarios recorded live in Kansas City (don't ask me why Kansas City) by the original actors, packed full of ridiculous Trekkish hilarity...

...but I think the title says it all. Spock versus Q. Battle of the sardonically raised eyebrows FTW!

I'd provide a link, but I don't know how quickly it would go out of date, so just do the search, and be prepared for awesome. ;D

(It's a major shame this is not a video recording. I'd buy the DVD. It *is* available on CD, but the DVD would be so much more incredible.)
Okay, I honestly have no excuse for this one. My sister was doing a Star Trek parody of David McCallum's song "Trouble" - from the Take Me To Your Leader Affair, if you remember. Since I have no great love for William Shatner, and am therefore quite fond of the scene where the prop guys got to drop 500 tribbles on him eight times in a row, this was the result.



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