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May. 25th, 2010 05:25 pm
When you see this, post a snippet from each of your works in progress.

Not really ganked from anybody... I just felt like doing it. Got a bit of startosis going on lately. (Not startitis - that would be inflammation from starting too much! *g*) Of course, there is no guarantee that any of these fics will ever be finished or published.

1) "Hmmm... I don't think I've ever autopsied a bitten-off head. Certainly not bitten off by a human being, at any rate!"

2) "...and since they took your memories you've been thinkin' that your fun is all through now,
But you can come an' drive with me 'cause we got a lotta things to do now,
And we'll have fun fun fun till the Brigadier takes Bessie away!"

3) Waverly - still in tweeds, but wearing a rubber Frankenstein mask as a concession to the festivities - was keeping a stern eye on the punch bowl. This had been standard procedure since the year when five different people had spiked the punch without prior consultation; nobody really wanted a repeat of that year's drunken singing contest, nor of the spectacular explosion in the lab the next day. (Illya had claimed he'd been testing the leftovers for possible use against Thrush, but the general consensus was that he'd just wanted to see what would happen when he tossed in a lit match.)

4) The cat gave the receptionist a dirty look, padded over to the intercom, and pawed the button firmly. "Meeoowww," it announced.

5) [This one hasn't any snippetable bits written just yet, but Illya seems to have sprained his ankle during a chase scene. In the Minnesota woods. *smirk*]
Good grief. I appear to be writing multi-chaptered fic. This is a first for me - I've never published in parts before, let alone before the story is done!

For those who came in late: Back on Halloween, I randomly wrote an Illya-in-drag crackfic about the UNCLE Halloween party, The Winner By a Nose Affair (many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lolmac for the title). Lolmac and [livejournal.com profile] illyushadarling wanted to know what actually happened at the party, so I started trying to write a "missing scene".

The missing scene is now as long as the original piece, and I still haven't gotten to the party. I've decided to call the original a Prologue and tag (and you really should read that first, if you haven't), so this is now Act 1. Assuming I manage to write the rest, it should hopefully have four Acts like a good little UNCLE fic.

However: I'm stuck. Well and thoroughly bogged down. So I'm posting what I've got and hoping my flist can inspire me - you're all better writers than I, after all. ;-) What might happen at the party? How do I make the necessary OCs interesting and not just stock extras? (I've barely ever written an OC in a fanfic! Though I did start out in original fic.) Am I even the right author for this story, considering that I've never 1) been kissed 2) flirted or been flirted with 3) been involved in "girl talk" 4) danced with a guy 5) had a date 6) been to a "grown-up" party 7) had a workplace?

(Many thanks to illyushadarling for her invaluable sorta-beta help - you know what you did, darlin'.)

Title: Winner By a Nose Affair, Act 1: Mind Games
Summary: In which Miss Moira Rourke is introduced.
Notes: 1400-odd words. Gen. No, really.

Down the rabbit hole... )
I was planning to do a little more polishing/writing and post a fic, but, well... we're studying Shakespeare's Henry IV, and it's the most tiring read-through we've ever had. I've got to agree with John Masefield (who did an introduction to one of the editions we've got): this is not one of Shakespeare's better plays. It maunders on and goes nowhere, at least for the first three acts - we didn't get any farther - and most of the few jokes we understood weren't worth getting. I personally suspect he wrote it on an all-nighter the day before it was due with the help of several punny friends and way too much ale (no offence to any hypothetical Bardolatrists on my flist).

("Solo Mission" looks like coming along quite nicely, though, once my brain is awake enough to work on it... which, right now, it definitely isn't. But my mom lent me her mom's 1966 Merck Manual to look up concussions etc - it's fascinating and occasionally hilarious reading - and my dad knows more about manual-transmission Jeeps than he usually lets on, so... yeah. But the timeline has gone and corkscrewed itself right inside out.)

So, this is the only post I had the energy to do. Hope y'all like it... I suspect you will. ;-)

(Beth - I suspect I subconsciously stole this caption from you, but I'm so zonked I'm not even sure. If I did, sorry! Post the linky and I'll credit.)


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