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Okay. So the ever-awesome InfiniteViking (I would link your journal, honest, but I haven't gotten used to the way crossposting b0rks up all my LJ code) has this meme that is the Drabbles IN SPAAAAACE!!! meme.

1: Get a title from a random title generator. (I used this one, but Google has a wide selection.)
2: Add "IN SPAAAACE!!!" to the end.
3: Write a drabble!

So. Well. Um. This is in my X-UNIT crossover 'verse wherein the Brig founded the X-Men. And... I cannot explain it at all. O_O

Title: Vortex of Musings IN SPAAAACE!!!
Summary: Uh. Pointless humor teamfluff piece?
Notes: 153 words. Kitty Pryde, Liz Shaw, the Brig, Wolverine, and cameos by Nightcrawler and Colossus. (I absolutely could not squeeze Storm in, but she is part of the team in this 'verse.)

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate, because this is DUMB )
The new episode of Doctor Who has entirely fried my brain. I am therefore joining the [ profile] crossovers100 challenge with a claim of Three-era Who.

(Because, yeah, deciding to write 100 crossovers featuring the same fandom is so much more sensible than joining Death By Aspirin, which was my first inclination. *eyeroll* Hey, I'm shy, okay?)

Sorry to kind of asplode your friend pages, but tables apparently don't like being behind cuts any better than polls do...

001. Beginnings.002. Middles.003. Ends.004. Insides.005. Outsides.
006. Hours.007. Days.008. Weeks.009. Months.010. Years.
011. Red.012. Orange.013. Yellow.014. Green.015. Blue.
016. Purple.017. Brown.018. Black.019. White.020. Colourless.
021. Friends.022. Enemies.023. Lovers.024. Family.025. Strangers.
026. Teammates.027. Parents.028. Children.029. Birth.030. Death.
031. Sunrise.032. Sunset.033. Too Much.034. Not Enough.035. Sixth Sense.
036. Smell.037. Sound.038. Touch.039. Taste.040. Sight.
041. Shapes.042. Triangle.043. Square.044. Circle.045. Moon.
046. Star.047. Heart.048. Diamond.049. Club.050. Spade.
051. Water.052. Fire.053. Earth.054. Air.055. Spirit.
056. Breakfast.057. Lunch.058. Dinner.059. Food.060. Drink.
061. Winter.062. Spring.063. Summer.064. Fall.065. Passing.
066. Rain.067. Snow.068. Lightening.069. Thunder.070. Storm.
071. Broken.072. Fixed.073. Light.074. Dark.075. Shade.
076. Sun.077. Trees.078. Sea.079. Desert.080. Island.
081. Mountain.082. Cave.083. Wet.084. Dry.085. Hot.
086. Cold.087. Choice.088. He.089. She.090. Home.
091. Birthday.092. Christmas.093. Thanksgiving.094. Independence.095. New Year.
096. Writer's Choice.097. Writer's Choice.098. Writer's Choice.099. Writer's Choice.100. Writer's Choice.
Back to the ever-reliable "ur doin it rong"... this time with a crossover pun on the side. Hey, everybody does it. ;-)

(Screencap by [ profile] illyushadarling from the Five Daughters Affair Part 1.)
Okay, I have two things here I'm combining into a single post. First is a meme, ganked from [ profile] clocketpatch:

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I've been meaning to do this one for a long time - since I got my LJ, in fact - but I just never got around to it before. And now I'm sort of glad I didn't, because I've met so many more awesome people here since joining LJ! *hugs you all*

The second thing is a hyper-fangirl announcement: I FOUND A WORKING LINK TO THE SUNNY DAY AFFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, if you have not heard of it, is the best UNCLE fluff piece ever written. Seriously. It's by Loretta Ross aka Lorlie on FFnet (whose whole File 40 page is well worth checking out), gen, a lovely UNCLE/Sesame Street crossover. (It's also the source of my favorite, and most-quoted, fanfic quote ever: "When he smiled, he smiled with his whole soul, and the light of it was like sunshine. A person could get addicted to a smile like that.")

Many, many thanks to [ profile] togsos for pointing me to the linky!!!! *happy dance* *handstands* *random happy singing* *goes to read for the second time in fifteen minutes*
Originally posted in [ profile] eponymous_rose 's [ profile] fandom_stocking . I keep writing these odd little crossover scenes - maybe I should collect them somewhere and call it Many Meetings. ;-)

Title: Intersections
Summary: Liz Shaw doesn't need a lab assistant.
Notes: Gen, rated G. 422 words. Doctor Who/Man from UNCLE crossover.

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Okay, it seems 600 words is a bit long for a [ profile] dw100  post - it is "dw100", after all - so at the mod's request, I'm shifting the edited version of "Well, That's Just Ducky" over here.

Once again, many thanks to [ profile] primsong  for pointing out the plot-hole that this version fixed!

Title: Well, That's Just Ducky
Summary: Three meets Ducky in L-Space. And they save MarySue!me's life.
Notes: Gen, 600 words, fluffity pointless fluff. ;-)

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In all the vast wilderness of Stargate/NCIS crossover fic, there is one very important meeting that I cannot discover has ever been written - and believe me, I've been looking!

I would so much rather somebody else, a better writer than me, had written this little piece; I simply don't think I can do justice to the amount of awesome inherent in the concept. (And I strongly suspect my characterization is off - haven't actually watched any 'Gate in way too long.) I have neither a continuation nor a prequel in mind... just an incident that wanted to be written.

Title: Medical Convergency
Summary: Ducky goes to Colorado Springs to meet an old friend.
Notes: Gen, 370-some words (word counter tools are a pain, and so is my memory).

Chevron 7 locked... )
Okay... this one is basically pointless. Challenge word #4 was "crossover"; what I actually wound up doing is more of a Doctor Who/NCIS/Mary Sue MacGuffin, frankly. (Or in English: "Ow, I can't write with this headache, I just want to be the filling in a Three-and-Ducky sandwich right now.")

Being me, it's extremely G-rated. Just a nice little piece of unabashed cuddlefluff - which is actually a first for me, I normally get quite flustered writing cuddlefluff. Maybe [ profile] primsong 's finally rubbing off on me...

Oh, and I apologize for the title. ;-)

Title: Well, That's Just Ducky
Summary: ...Summary? Um... Three, Ducky, and MarySue!me in L-Space...
Notes: Gen, 550 words. Fluffity pointless fluff!

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A bit of randomness: cracky fan theories about quantum mechanics are a regular topic of conversation around our house. Today, we came up with this one... "If there are ten spatial dimensions but only one temporal dimension, maybe the spatial dimensions are arranged in sets along the temporal dimension - which might make the sets yesterday, today and tomorrow! A three-dimensional yesterday, a three-dimensional today, and tomorrow is four-dimensional because the future is open-ended!"


Ahem. Anyway. I also have a cross-fandom LOL.

First off: I haz big news! Four years, four months and three days ago (yes, I counted), my family moved house. Since then, we've been doing a major remodel on the old house and trying to sell it - not exactly at the same time. My mother and I did most of the work: plumbing, electrical, carpeting, drywall, flooring, cabinets, everything but roofing (which I refuse to learn, being acrophobic.) I even wrote a Doctor Who ficlet, Liberation, inspired by the subject.

Anyway. Today - today, right now, as I type - is the closing on the old house! Going, going, gone!!! Out of my hair! No more flitting around like an UNCLE agent in miniature, never knowing what will go wrong next or where I'll spend the night; no more camping without running water or a working stove! (Granted, these experiences do help me get inside the boys' heads when I'm writing, but I'd just as lief not have any more for a while, y'know?)

So, in celebration, a plumber!Illya LOL. (You know you're going a little bit crazy when you seriously consider dreaming up a scenario where Illya takes a long-term undercover assignment as a handyman just so you can turn around all the crazy things that happen to you and happen them to him. No, I didn't do it.)

I must be the only person on [ profile] illyushadarling 's flist who, when confronted with this particular Illya-costume from The Off-Broadway Affair, saw something besides Baby Ducky. (I absolutely love this costume... but that's a bit beside the point, isn't it?)

If you don't get the caption, there's an explanation below the LOL.

Ur doin it first!

Okay. If you didn't get it: it's a MacGyver joke. Mac occasionally goes undercover as a computer geek named Dexter Fillmore; the disguise consists of scruffy clothes, thick glasses, and really seriously good, Illya!Nexor level, acting. This is Mac (in Dexter's clothes, but not in character); this is Dexter.

And if you haven't seen MacGyver, you should.
Okay, I've been looking for something to do with this theme ever since Beth said I could steal her captions. This is my first attempt, but hopefully not my last - or best. (Got one more idea up my sleeve, but not the piccie for it yet... anyone have suggestions for more? You guys are more familiar with DMc's other work than I am.)

Inspired by LOLockpick, LOL.SAK II, LOLToothpick, and LOLUzi (whoa, didn't realize there'd been so many!) Screencap from Evasion Pattern Eight as usual.

"Start with nothing, take it away..." Sorry, wrong ep. ;-)

Start with Lothi's "Baby Ducky" pic (in the comments here), add one "Deadly Toys Affair" screencap just begging for a really tight crop, combine in the brain of a zoned-out and slightly hyper curuchamion, and stand back. Cross-fandom LOLs are potentially explosive.

(Y'all do know you can click through for a larger image, right? Just checking. *looks innocent*)

ETA: Now you don't have to! happy grin

Blast and blue blazes! I had this post all ready to go and the interwebz [Poll #1475383]
Just a quick ficrec here, as I spent most of my spare time today working on a comment for the [ profile] mfu_canteen post "Illya as Cutter?", which I sort of inspired with a comment on [ profile] tgabrielle 's Summit Five Affair review.

Anyway. The rec: Weapon K by C Wehst on File 40. Slight X-Men crossover; I'd have written this fic myself if it didn't already exist. Summary: Ever wonder what happens to all of Illya's scars?

I thought I'd start my LiveJournal posting career by reccing a couple of fics, as that's one thing I'm sure I'll never run out of material for. There are always more good fics to discover!

My first selection, unfortunately, is a limited-time offer - in other words, it's on Geocities. (If anyone knows another place to find this fic online, please let me know so I can change the linky!) The Sunny Day Affair by Loretta Ross (Lorlie on FFnet) is one of the more adorkably cute wacky crossovers I've ever read. Here's the official blurb: "In the spring of 2002 Channel W, the UNCLE writers' list, conducted a small, informal challenge. The idea was for everyone to take the same premise -- that Napoleon and Illya went to work only to discover UNCLE had disappeared -- and make of it what they would. This was my contribution." Jump over there and read it quick before it disappears!

The other fic I'm reccing today is Snowbound by Primsong, a sort-of challenge response: "This was written after seeing stunt_muppet's list of wishes, which included Three, Jo and the Master and a domestic setting. The only way I could think of this particular threesome being caught in any kind of domestic situation was by involuntary entrapment. Or a blizzard." It's gen, as are all the fics I read or write - a lovely humor piece sliding into cuddlefluff. (I'm ridiculously fond of cuddlefluff for someone who barely even reads het, let alone slash.)



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