Jun. 11th, 2011 03:11 pm
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Er. Anyone interested in beta-reading 1585 words of Sam/Bra'tac friendship fic (SG-1, obvs) on a prompt of "gender roles"? There is staff weapon fighting, knitting, and motorcycling involved. I'm mainly concerned about pacing, clarity of the action scenes, and characterization. (Canon continuity isn't a huge issue, as it's, um... missing-scene fic for a nonexistent episode. Er, yeah. o_O It's somewhere in S4/S5...)

The way I usually do this is to put the fic up as an entry in a filtered locked post, so only the beta and I can see it, and have the beta comment. If a potential beta would rather I e-mailed the Word doc, I can do that too - just let me know which.

On a related note, I do not seem able to write SG-1 fic that has not got knitting in it, except for that one Siler drabble. This fact amuses me. *g*
Can I get a beta reader or two for an 800-ish-word, no-spoilers, crossover ficlet featuring Discworld and Deep Space Nine characters? I've never written in either of these 'verses before, so I'd like to get my character voices checked (Vimes and Odo, specifically), plus generally see if the story makes any sense to someone besides me.

Obviously, most of y'all will only know one fandom or the other, so please don't hesitate to volunteer if you can beta for one! Please? :-)
...Can I get a quick beta for a 600-word Doctor Who (UNIT)/X-Men crossover? You don't need to know either fandom; I just want to find out if it's as dire in its current condition as I think it is.

Thanks, anybody that takes me up on this...



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