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Incidentally, if anyone has a good bit of spare money to donate to disaster relief and would like to snipe me for the fic-writing attentions of the excellent [personal profile] settiai on LiveJournal's HelpTheSouth fandom auction... her offering thread is right here and the bidding stands at $60 US. Minimum fic length is 3000 words, fandoms are many and various.

The only caveat is that I am stalking her thread regularly, have a fair amount of charity-earmarked money to spare, and will do my best to snipe you back. ;-) However, it's for a good cause! Bidding closes on Wednesday, May 25.

Handy linkies to fandoms A-E, fandoms F-M, and fandoms N-St. Also, because it's late and I'm tired, a random mention that I can spell Aziraphale, Laurelindorenan, and Mitth'raw'nuruodo without looking. ;-)

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Okay, the list got too large for one post, and I'm only on the fourth page! Wow!

So this is currently fandoms N-St. We'll see how long that lasts. Fandoms A-E can be found here, fandoms F-M here, and fandoms Su-Z here.

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Okay, I'll probably regret this, but I'm volunteering to catalogue the third post of fanfic offers over on [ profile] help_haiti. (Using my happy!Illya icon because I'm going to need that smile! *g*)

Disclaimer: There are oodles of things here I'm not familiar with. If you see any duplicate fandoms, broken links, or other mistakes, please tell me! ;-)

So... here we go.

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So... there's a fannish-auction thing going on called [ profile] help_haiti, wherein one can "sell" fannish work on commission to people who "pay" by donating money to various charities helping with the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Being extremely broke, I think this is a fabulous way for me to try and help out - so I have volunteered to write crossover shortfic on demand for the cause. My offering comment lists the fandoms and characters I can write; anyone who wants to bid can just reply to that comment. The starting bid is $1/fic, and you can bid on one, two or all three.

(Granted, you guys have probably figured out that if you really, really wanted a certain crossover from me, you'd just have to mention it and I'd probably eventually produce something tangentially related to what you wanted... but hey, it's for charity!)



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