Incidentally, LiveJournal's PicoWriMo is kicking off a "mini" July round in two days.

Pico, if you didn't know, is a "write stuff in a month" comm. It usually runs in November. It is unlike NaNo in that you set your own goal - 500 words, 50 words, "a sentence a day", "SOMETHING"... whatever. Write more than you would have otherwise: You Win. XD

The reason I love it particularly is under the cut )

I'm hoping to work mainly on polishing and rewriting my MaNo novel, as well as finishing off the other stuff I have in progress (such as the SG-1!Friendathon story that received a sudden and unexpected Piece Of Research the other day in the form of my first motorcycle ride... *happyface*)

(Personal goal: stop meandering. I got in the habit during MaNo, and should now get out again.)
curuchamion: Ninth Doctor captioned I see what you knit there (Ravelry) (Nine browsing Ravelry)
In about an hour and a half - at midnight GMT (aka 5pm Pacific Daylight Time or 8pm Eastern Daylight Time) - the seventeenth monthly round of Fic_Rush will begin!

Fic_rush is a 48-hour writing marathon. (Obviously, no one's there the whole time!) You can work on anything you want, WIP or not, fanfic or not. We all drop in and out as we please, chatter in the hourly posts on fic_rush_48 - about our writing, lack of writing, ninja penguins, or whatnot - cheer each other on, commiserate, and write lots of fic!

(Honest. Despite DDoS attacks and the usual 'rush shenanigans, I finished and published five stories on April 9th and 10th thanks to Fic_rush. It is An Invaluable Resource.)

Some of my friends from ds9_rewatch may remember my mentioning a writing comm with motorcycle space pirates a while ago in chat? THIS IS THAT COMM, and it is truly epic. I encourage everyone reading this to at least drop in to fic_rush_48 and browse the back chatter posts a bit before you say no! :-)
I suspect I won't be online much if at all tomorrow or Saturday (it's been a long week and I am pretty thoroughly wiped out), so I'd like to take this work-fleeing LJ break opportunity to wish all my Tolkien-loving friends a happy Cormarë! :D

[ profile] fic_rush peoples - don't know if I'll show up. Maybe for a bit on Sunday. Have fun, all! Save me a glowstick! ;-)
One more hour till this month's [ profile] fic_rush starts! I am hanging out in the 24-hour computer lab at uni, watching my Greenwich-synced computer clock and doing "research" (aka watching the new disc of The Middleman * which just arrived from Netflix. Netflix is the awesome.)

If you are not familiar with fic_rush - though I don't know why you wouldn't be, since I natter about it on a fairly regular basis - it is a two-day fanficcing marathon, held once a month on a weekend. Obviously no one person spends 48 straight hours writing, but there are hourly posts in which to chat, and we all pop in and out as we please. Lately there have been glowsticks.

(Not to mention the alien fish, singing Sontarans, [ profile] lost_spook's wandering seaside penguins, and other strange creatures that infest our comment!fic. (Whoops, speaking of which, I have to default-ify my alien fish icon! *skedaddles*)

* Yes, it has done things to my syntax, although actually nobody but me ever notices and I won't even notice if I ever come back and read this post again. *g*
I say - anyone on my flist who doesn't already know this: [ profile] fic_rush is going splendidly. Come over to [ profile] fic_rush_48 and write with us! (Or just distract us with random chatter. That's what the hourly posts are actually for, after all... *g*)


May. 14th, 2010 09:06 pm
I totally forgot about Round 8 of [ profile] fic_rush starting tonight!

For those ficcers on my flist who haven't yet discovered the insanity awesomeness that is Fic_Rush... it is "the two-day fic writing challenge". Writers from all sorts of fandoms get together once a month and write as much as they can, on anything they want - WIPs, new, or both - and cheer each other on in the hourly posts on [ profile] fic_rush_48. You don't have to be there for the whole thing; just drop in when you can, tell us what you're working on, and join the fun!

(No, I have no idea what I'm writing yet. *g*)
(Yes, I am frightfully late. My laptop was in the shop last night.)

If anyone on my flist hasn't yet heard about [ profile] fic_rush... it is a 48-hour fanfic marathon. You write anything you want, as much as you can, and whenever you get stuck you drop in to [ profile] fic_rush_48 and comment on the latest hourly post to complain about it and see how everyone else is doing and cheer them on. It's really very helpful.

I'm actually working on my college application essay this time. Not exactly fanfic, but it does rather show you the range of things that are welcome in this comm... *g*

So if you're a writer, pop on over and join us! It's fun! Just comment to say hello, then start writing. Things are moving rather slow right now, but they'll soon wake up!
The "when to have Round 6" poll is up at [ profile] fic_rush!

For those who came in late, Fic_Rush is... like NaNoWriMo, only sane. Write anything you want, as much as you can, over the course of 48 hours, and chat in the hourly posts at [ profile] fic_rush_48 with other people who are doing the same thing. Come in late, leave early, pop in and out, whatever - just have fun and make fic.

The post I linkied above is the poll for deciding when to have the March round. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, go over there and vote for the weekends you have (relatively) free!

(C'mon. Join us. It's a heck of a lot of fun!)
Eep. I totally forgot that [ profile] fic_rush was this weekend!

What it is, for those who came in late, is a two-day fic marathon. No requirements - just write anything you like, as much as you can of it, and talk about it with other people who are doing the same thing.

We're very informal - if you'd like to participate, just pop over to [ profile] fic_rush_48, which is where they make a new chatter post every hour, and comment on the top post to explain who you are and what you're writing. And then, on the hour or whenever you get stuck *g* drop back in and say how you're doing.

C'mon... I know there are ficcers on my flist! Join us! It's fun!

(Also, you get to hear about what other people are writing. And cheer them on. And whenever in the future you finish whatever you worked on during fic_rush, you can send the mod a linky and they will put it up in the Fic Gallery, which means free publicity! *g*)
Have you ever heard of [ profile] fic_rush ?

I hadn't, until I stumbled across [ profile] dbskyler 's journal. It's a little-known and very small comm, but I think it deserves to be much better known.

Fic Rush is "the two-day fic marathon"; during the 48 hours of a specific weekend, you write as much as you can on whatever you want - any fandom, WIPs or new, no requirements! (No, you don't have to spend the whole 48 hours writing, either!) Every hour of those 48, in the secondary comm [ profile] fic_rush_48 , one of the mods makes a check-in post where all the participating members can chat in the comments. Here's the Fic Rush Intro/FAQ post, which explains everything much more clearly.

I'm posting here because Fic Rush had apparently died of inactivity till I randomly stumbled across it and asked "Hey, is this thing still alive?" Seems it was just in stasis... there's now a voting post up to decide which weekend to hold Round 4.

So if this sounds like something you'd like to do, go join the comm, vote, and help keep Fic Rush alive! ;-)



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