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Happy Geek Day, all! Do you know where your towel is?

I have with me: a small towel (for Towel Day); a sprig of lilac (for Alzheimer's Awareness Day *sadface*); Converse (for saving the universe actually my silly feet require them); a half-size Captain America shield (for general "I look stupid but AWESOME" geek points). I didn't think to bring my light saber (for the anniversary of the Star Wars premiere 33 years ago) - I should have done that. Next year, maybe! :D
Courtesy of a co-worker: my cell phone is not set on vibrate. It is set on stun. :D

That is all.
So I just read this article on Yahoo! News that says they've discovered a sea slug that splices genes from algae into its own DNA and gains the ability to produce chlorophyll! And it also steals the algae's chloroplasts, so it can convert sunlight into energy for itself, just like plants do!

Here's the linky, for as long as that works: Surprising Sea Slug Is Half-Plant, Half-Animal (by LiveScience staff writer Clara Moskowitz). Or, for the linkphobic and those who poke round these archives a couple years hence (hey, I do it), the text is under the cut.

Right this way... )

Isn't that just the coolest thing EVAR?!? *bounces*

(Yes, I am a geek!)



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