This one can be blamed on, or credited to, my sister; I was using the cap as a profile picture on my Facebook (yes, my longstanding habit of using not-me icons has carried over to Facebook) and this is what she commented. ;-)

Cap by [ profile] illyushadarling, of course, from "The Prince of Darkness Affair Part 1".

Back to the ever-reliable "ur doin it rong"... this time with a crossover pun on the side. Hey, everybody does it. ;-)

(Screencap by [ profile] illyushadarling from the Five Daughters Affair Part 1.)
This one is actually a team effort - caption suggested by [ profile] spikesgirl58 about [ profile] bluemeanybeany's Illya Therapy icon during an [ profile] mfu_canteen discussion, screencap by [ profile] reera_the_red on FrameCapLib. Me, I just put it all together.

(I've been meaning to do this one for months. Just kept never getting around to it...)

I have finally produced a new LOLIllya! (It's tricky, because I have a dual-boot computer, and the image editing software is on the OS I don't take onto the Internet - so poking through screencaps to save good ones, then cropping and captioning them, are two different projects. Anyway.) Caption inspired by [ profile] lolmac 's LOLBouquet, but frankly it's more of an excuse to post an arm shot... I wish both boys had worn those Thrush jumpsuits more often!
I has a pun!

(Picture from "The King of Diamonds Affair", capped by [ profile] illyushadarling . Caption dreamed up so I could repost and have an excuse to stare at this superlative Illya!hands shot some more. *w* Linky to [ profile] lothithil 's shortfic "Lovelocked", just 'cause.)

Let's hope the image servers are behaving better now!

Picture from FrameCapLib... the ep with the goldfish guppies in the taps, whatever that was. (Mad Tea Party Affair?) Caption because it always takes me a second after I see this picture to realize he's not really holding a sword...

A bit of randomness: cracky fan theories about quantum mechanics are a regular topic of conversation around our house. Today, we came up with this one... "If there are ten spatial dimensions but only one temporal dimension, maybe the spatial dimensions are arranged in sets along the temporal dimension - which might make the sets yesterday, today and tomorrow! A three-dimensional yesterday, a three-dimensional today, and tomorrow is four-dimensional because the future is open-ended!"


Ahem. Anyway. I also have a cross-fandom LOL.

For those who participated in the "Fics I Wouldn't Write Meme" - there is a list of things I hope to write from your prompts under the cut.

Right here... )

And a LOL. Piccie from [ profile] purple_bug , color-tweaky advice from illyushadarling, caption from [ profile] lolmac 's LOLHappyFace.

Today is the feast of St Andrew... who is the patron saint of Scotland, and also apparently of Russia. Or something.

Today's LOL is very loosely related to this fact, in that it celebrates the general awesomeness of all things Russo-Scottish. ;D

(Pic from [ profile] illyushadarling , whose illyacon on this base I have despaired of surpassing for a very long time. How'd I do?)

This is how I've been feeling lately... during the daytime. At night, I'm all bright and chipper and writing way too much fanfic. o.O

Picture from [ profile] illyushadarling 's caps of The Project Deep Hole Affair - a strange episode in many ways, but General Burkhalter as the Mole Man makes up for a lot. As do pretty pictures of Illya not being action-y for once.

Caption ganked from LOLSleep by [ profile] lolmac , who has probably been wondering when I was ever going to use it...

Okay, I did this a while back - my first fandom LOL ever, in fact. Pic ganked from [ profile] isiscaughey 's "Three and Sarah Jane Picspam of Awesome", for the record. With the sudden influx of Whovians on my flist thanks to the Doctor Who Friending Meme (thanks for pointing me there, [ profile] primsong !), I thought this would be an appropriate time to post it here.

(It is one of my major fandom "sads" that Jon Pertwee never acted Gandalf... he would've been perfect. Heh, sometime I've got to do a picspam of my fantasy LOTR cast - believe me, it's wild. Incomplete, but wild. Remind me to collect pics for that...)

I actually kind of snurched (love that word, Beth) this caption from [ profile] isiscaughey 's "Three and Sarah Jane Picspam of Awesome" (hey, I've got to hunt up that Gandalf the Pink LOL, sometime... not today though.) Go check it out, it is the awesome, and I quote it incessantly. *yells "ONOES! '80s clothing attack!" just for fun*

Oh yeah... pic from screenmusings, helpful color-tweaky advice from illyushadarling, cuteness courtesy of David McCallum and Pauley Perrette (I think I spelled that right).

I've been wanting to do this caption ever since... um, "The Iowa-Scuba Affair", I think. You know, when Napoleon got locked in the bathroom with gas coming out of the showerhead? Shaving cream - terrycloth towel - rubbing alcohol - BOOM!!! Finally found the perfect pic for it, on "Sapphire and Steel", of all places. Screencap didn't exist, but I knew I'd never find a better shot, so I talked my sister into taking one for me. And here we are!

First of all, many, many thanks to [ profile] illyushadarling , who has just taught me how to tweak the color and brightness on screencaps. I was up quite late last night playing (and will probably wind up redoing quite a few of my LOLs), but it was well worth it. A hundred million hugs with chocolate awesomesauce to you, darlin' - you've been an absolute lifesaver! (Oy, that sounds sticky...)

Many thanks as well to [personal profile] eponymous_rose (moderator on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, but that's slightly beside the point) for her awesome "Sapphire and Steel: A Beginner's Guide" picspam (warning, will mercilessly oppress dialup users, but how many of those are there anymore anyway?) without which I never would have figured out the difference between Sapphire & Steel and Remington Steele, let alone remembering to actually watch the former. It's also where I ganked this picture from. And while I'm at it, I should really thank [ profile] iko (who is an incurable cinephile and a fellow knitter of Doctor-Who-themed stuff) for pointing me to the show, via the picspam, in the first place.

Okay, enough yapping.

Caption loosely inspired by Beth's LOLParanoia, picture from ScreenMusings.

(Got some Sapphire & Steel LOLs coming up... putting your screencap collection on slideshow as a screensaver is a wonderful way to come up with new captions!)

Not sure if I bagged this idea from somebody else... I probably did. If you recognize it, let me know and I'll credit.

Thanks to ScreenMusings, I finally haz Ducky screencaps! They only have six eps of NCIS capped thus far, but that's actually a good thing... I would have been up all night looking at pretty pictures otherwise.

The awesome thing about captioning actors like David McCallum and Richard Dean Anderson is that they have such wonderfully specific expressions, and they never, ever go all "im in ur background kelnoreeming, kthxbai". (I mean no offence whatever to Christopher Judge... it's more a general observation.)

Sorry... /ramble. Y'know, I don't think David's hands have changed at all in the last forty years, do you?

ETA: Oops. Forget to credit. This caption vaguely inspired by LOLCaptionII and similar LOLMacs. (Well. LOLJacks... but yeah.)

First off: I haz big news! Four years, four months and three days ago (yes, I counted), my family moved house. Since then, we've been doing a major remodel on the old house and trying to sell it - not exactly at the same time. My mother and I did most of the work: plumbing, electrical, carpeting, drywall, flooring, cabinets, everything but roofing (which I refuse to learn, being acrophobic.) I even wrote a Doctor Who ficlet, Liberation, inspired by the subject.

Anyway. Today - today, right now, as I type - is the closing on the old house! Going, going, gone!!! Out of my hair! No more flitting around like an UNCLE agent in miniature, never knowing what will go wrong next or where I'll spend the night; no more camping without running water or a working stove! (Granted, these experiences do help me get inside the boys' heads when I'm writing, but I'd just as lief not have any more for a while, y'know?)

So, in celebration, a plumber!Illya LOL. (You know you're going a little bit crazy when you seriously consider dreaming up a scenario where Illya takes a long-term undercover assignment as a handyman just so you can turn around all the crazy things that happen to you and happen them to him. No, I didn't do it.)

I must be the only person on [ profile] illyushadarling 's flist who, when confronted with this particular Illya-costume from The Off-Broadway Affair, saw something besides Baby Ducky. (I absolutely love this costume... but that's a bit beside the point, isn't it?)

If you don't get the caption, there's an explanation below the LOL.

Ur doin it first!

Okay. If you didn't get it: it's a MacGyver joke. Mac occasionally goes undercover as a computer geek named Dexter Fillmore; the disguise consists of scruffy clothes, thick glasses, and really seriously good, Illya!Nexor level, acting. This is Mac (in Dexter's clothes, but not in character); this is Dexter.

And if you haven't seen MacGyver, you should.
Okay, I've been looking for something to do with this theme ever since Beth said I could steal her captions. This is my first attempt, but hopefully not my last - or best. (Got one more idea up my sleeve, but not the piccie for it yet... anyone have suggestions for more? You guys are more familiar with DMc's other work than I am.)

Inspired by LOLockpick, LOL.SAK II, LOLToothpick, and LOLUzi (whoa, didn't realize there'd been so many!) Screencap from Evasion Pattern Eight as usual.

Okay, I honestly have no excuse for this one. My sister was doing a Star Trek parody of David McCallum's song "Trouble" - from the Take Me To Your Leader Affair, if you remember. Since I have no great love for William Shatner, and am therefore quite fond of the scene where the prop guys got to drop 500 tribbles on him eight times in a row, this was the result.



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