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So... forty-five years ago or thereabouts, a slightly insane group of TV execs playing on the success of the Beatles put together a band consisting of a British ex-jockey, a former child actor, a hippie guitarist who'd been washing dishes in a coffee-house, and the guy whose mother invented Liquid Paper.

Last night the Monkees' latest reunion tour came to South Bend, Indiana, and by a ridiculous string of lucky happenstances, my mom and I landed centre-orchestra seats for a grand total of less than $27 each. XD

It was awesome. I chose not to bring my camera (I have this thing where if I'm taking pictures I'm not really paying attention to what's happening at the moment, and I wanted to enjoy the show), so there are no pictures, but there is much FLAILSQUEE under the cut.

Right here )
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1: ONOES! Peter Falk and "Gentleman" Gene Colan both just died. O_O 2011, this is getting ridiculous. :-(

2: I'm taking my mum to see the Monkees LIVE IN CONCERT next week. She was one of the original horde of Davy Jones fangirls in the '60s, and I'm a big fan myself, so. (We're bringing earplugs, because I for one am going to turn into SUCH A SQUEEING FANGIRL! *g*)

(Note to 2011: These two things had DANG WELL BETTER remain unrelated in any and all possible ways. Y/Y?)
The virus responsible for fandom LOLs has recently mutated, becoming extremely contagious. This is shown by its rapid transmission from Bedh to me to the lovely [ profile] illyushadarling , who provided both the caption and the pic for today's first LOLIllya!

There is also another mutant strain of this virus going the rounds, which involves captioning fandom pictures with passages of poetry. The only confirmed case on my flist thus far is [ profile] lothithil (who has been proven incurable), but I'm definitely showing symptoms - see today's bonus image. (Caption for this one from a Monkees song, actually.)

Luckily, both these virus strains are generally nonfatal, and so far have proven harmful only to those with a deficient sense of humor; however, if you notice symptoms... post them! (Or hand them off to me - I don't mind. Or if they're Mac/Gate related, to Beth.)



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