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So... forty-five years ago or thereabouts, a slightly insane group of TV execs playing on the success of the Beatles put together a band consisting of a British ex-jockey, a former child actor, a hippie guitarist who'd been washing dishes in a coffee-house, and the guy whose mother invented Liquid Paper.

Last night the Monkees' latest reunion tour came to South Bend, Indiana, and by a ridiculous string of lucky happenstances, my mom and I landed centre-orchestra seats for a grand total of less than $27 each. XD

It was awesome. I chose not to bring my camera (I have this thing where if I'm taking pictures I'm not really paying attention to what's happening at the moment, and I wanted to enjoy the show), so there are no pictures, but there is much FLAILSQUEE under the cut.

Right here )
I suspect I won't be online much if at all tomorrow or Saturday (it's been a long week and I am pretty thoroughly wiped out), so I'd like to take this work-fleeing LJ break opportunity to wish all my Tolkien-loving friends a happy Cormarë! :D

[ profile] fic_rush peoples - don't know if I'll show up. Maybe for a bit on Sunday. Have fun, all! Save me a glowstick! ;-)
There is a handspinning event called the "Tour de Fleece" which runs concurrent with the Tour de France. (Okay, there are actually two of them, but let's not get confused here...)

So, since this year I happen to have 1: spinning know-how 2: a drop spindle 3: fluffy stuff to spin (there are several technical terms, and to be frank I never quite know which one applies), I have been spinning. And I thought I'd just show off a couple pictures of my handspun yarn, since it looks like yarn now. :-)

The colors aren't too accurate in this first one, since it was taken outdoors in the late afternoon.

handspun in the sun

This closeup isn't nearly as bright as the actual yarn, but it does show the detail a lot better. (Fingers included for approximate scale.)

orange/yellow handspun for scale



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