Feb. 23rd, 2011

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Nick Courtney is dead. Nick Courtney.

Somehow I never really thought it could happen. :'-(

(Icon because like a bloody idiot I didn't expect to need any sadface icons on my last rejuggling. *sigh*)

My collection of Brig!death fic recs will probably be posted shortly. With much sniffling. (No, I have no idea why I have a collection of Brig!death fic recs.)
...When will I ever learn not to bookmark fics on my laptop? I have a bad relationship with laptops. Mine is currently in the shop, and with it my fic bookmarks. (The ones that weren't eaten when the last laptop died.)

However! I can still find the top two stories I always knew I'd have to re-read when Who-ish people died. (I never even imagined, dangit, that I'd be reading them for the man they were written about.)

The first one, and the most awesome of all possible Who deathfics IMO, is this one: The Cheviot Hills by Jennifer on FFnet. It is the one in which all the Classic Doctors who worked with the Brig attend his funeral (including Eight, thanks to the BFAs). It made me cry even when Nick wasn't dead, and I don't cry at fic.

Under the cut because it is a spoiler and also religious content (in the sense of assuming the existence of a deity), but there is no way I could be making this post - dash it all to heck, how can I be making this post?!? - without quoting the lines from the Gallifreyan funeral service that are in that fic:

this is a cut )



The other fic I have to rec, of course, is [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch's excellent Nothing Ordinary, which I'm guessing you've all read already but I'm reccing it anyway. It's just a beautiful little tribute fic.

(On re-reading these two stories, I note with interest that we all assumed - I certainly did - that it'd be heart trouble that would get him. Not cancer. DANG IT HOW CAN THE BRIG DIE OF CANCER. I have a feeling a lot of us, if we met the Doctor right now, would be shouting with Amy Pond "THEN WHAT'S THE USE OF YOU???")

*will now go home and cry a lot*

*and then watch Terror of the Zygons or something*

ETA: I forgot to say two things I really should have said. One is: What About Everything, the ultimate Who vid for every occasion. (Seriously, I once introduced a family of NuWhovians to the entirety of Classic Who in an evening using frame-by-frame "What About Everything" and a lot of babbling.) Allow me to direct your attention to the sequence beginning at 1:34.

The other thing is: I saw somebody say "R.I.P.... rest in Peru, Brigadier." This amuses me slightly.



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