Apr. 17th, 2011

curuchamion: Ninth Doctor captioned I see what you knit there (Ravelry) (Nine browsing Ravelry)
So! I've been doing Quite A Lot of writing lately. For the most part, I'm happy with my progress.

However, I got sick a few days ago and wasn't able to do much except (very slowly) work through my three-inch-thick folder of Past Scribbles To Type Up... most of which were written when I was a much worse writer, or in a much worse funk, than I am now. I'm sick and tired of typing up my old ideas, most of which I remember fairly well anyway.

Therefore - no, I am NOT going to offer to write prompts! Certainly not. By no means at all. Anyone who's ever given me a prompt knows why. ;P

What I am going to do is ask y'all: what's your favorite way to get started on writing something new and random, besides asking your flist for prompts? Is there a website, a prompt generator (please not the Doctor Who random pairing generator, it always makes me feel like the not-really-expert poseur!geek I am *g*), a technique you like to use for formulating ideas?

(What I really want to write is orig!fic. Except most of the orig!fic 'verses I want to write in look, at this distance, remarkably like fandoms I haven't gotten into yet. I hate that. And I can't even make calculus jokes about it because I haven't had calculus yet.)

Failing all that - anyone up for a mini!fic_rush in the comments here? I have (pretend) glowsticks...



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